The AMSSM Foundation and the AMSSM Research Committee welcome research grant proposals that investigate issues within the broad discipline of sports medicine, including clinical practice, injury prevention and rehabilitation, basic science, epidemiology and education.

The Primary Investigator (PI) of the grant must be an AMSSM member at the time of grant submission. A young investigator is defined as 5 years or less since completion of sports medicine fellowship training. Current AMSSM fellow and resident members are eligible to apply. Resident AMSSM members may apply as the principal investigator but must have at least one full AMSSM member listed as a co-investigator at the time of application.

Research Title
Jessica Knapp, DO The Female Athlete and the Dynamic Relationship of Body Image Drives, Disordered Eating, Self-Esteem and Risky Sexual Behavior
Katherine H. Rizzone, MD, MPH Lead Levels in Adolescents with Stress Fractures
Erin Hammer, MD Driving after Concussion: Association Between Concussion Symptoms Severity, Neurocognitive Tests, and a Computer-Based Risk Awareness Program
Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD A Comparison of the Acute Effects of Walking an 18-Hole Golf Course Versus Using a Motorized Golf Cart in Subjects with Knee Osteoarthritis
Research Title
Andrew Watson, MD, MS Is Sports Specialization an Independent Risk Factor for Injury in Youth Athletes? A Prospective Study
Jeremy Kent, MD The Impact of Riboflavin on the Severity and Duration of Sports-related Concussion: A randomized control trial
Brett Toresdahl, MD Evaluating Recovery from Lower Extremity Stress Injuries in Runners Using a Physical Activity Monitor
Kyle Nagle, MD Comparing the Accuracy and Reliability of 2D Video-based and 3D Instrumented Gait Analysis for Kinematic Measures during Treadmill Running
Research Title
Lauren Porras, MD Accuracy of Novice Interpretation of Pre-participation Screening Electrocardiograms and Improvement with Online Training
Irfan M. Asif, MD Examining Vulnerable Collegiate Athletic Populations for Silent Injury: The Psychological Impact of Cardiovascular Screening
Julie C. Wilson, MD Impact of Cervical Strengthening Program on Concussion Incidence in Adolescent Athletes
Research Title
Irfan Asif, MD The Psychological Implications of Advanced Cardiac Screening: Examining Differences Based on Age, Race, Gender and Sport
Christina Master, MD Prevalence of Vision Problems After Concussion in Children Ages 11-17 Years of Age
Research Title
William Meehan, MD A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Transcranial Light Emitting Diode Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Concussive Brain Injury
James McDonald, MD Evaluation of a Simple Test of Reaction Time inthe Diagnosis and Management of Concussions in High School Athletes
Irfan Asif, MD The Psychological Impact of Screening for Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes:  The Experience of Being Diagnosed with Lethal Disease
Rebecca Carl, MD Comparison of Three Treatment Methods for Lower Extremity Apophysitis


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