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  • Central African Republic
  • Nepal
  • Afghanistan
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Every year, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides emergency medical care to millions of people caught in crises in more than 60 countries around the world. MSF provides assistance when catastrophic events—such as armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, or natural disasters—overwhelm local health systems. MSF also assists people who face discrimination or neglect from their local health systems or when populations are otherwise excluded from health care.
  • At least 2 years of relevant professional experience (residency satisfies requirement)
  • Availability for a minimum of 9–12 months
  • Relevant travel and/or work outside the U.S.
  • Experience as a supervisor, manager, teacher and/or trainer
  • Ability to work and live with a diverse group of professionals
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office applications)
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    Medical Teams International Asia
  • Afghanistan
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

  • Africa
  • Liberia
  • Uganda
  • Congolese Refugees in Uganda
  • South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda
  • Medical Teams International provides medical and dental care, humanitarian aid, and holistic development programs to all people in need, regardless of religion, nationality, sex, or race.

  • We respond to disasters around the world—and here at home—by sending teams of volunteer medical professionals and medical supplies to care for the sick and injured. We also mobilize long-term health promotion initiatives, collaborating with established partners within each community to ensure that our programs have a sustainable impact.
  • Minimum medical degree (MPH advantage)
  • Minimum of 1 year experience required, or equivalent combination of education and experience of which 1–2 years should be of developing country experience or resource deprived environment
  • Experience in overseas programs relating to primary health care, maternal and child health, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, & communicable diseases an advantage
  • Able to deploy to emergencies on short notice
  • Previous NGO experience an advantage
  • Flexible and able to cope with stressful situations and frustrations
  • 2–5 week commitment
  • Medical Teams International
    14150 SW Milton Court
    Tigard, OR 97224
    Local phone: 503.624.1000
    Toll free phone: 800.959.4325
    Fax: 503.624.1001
    Email: [email protected]

    To Apply: [email protected]
    International Volunteer Hotline: 800.959.4325
    US Volunteer Hotline: 800.959.4325, ext. 3336
    International Medical Corps Since 1984, International Medical Corps has helped tens of millions of people in over 70 countries, delivering emergency relief and training valued at more than $2 billion.

    Current Active Countries: Afghanistan Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Darfur, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Greece, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe
  • International Medical Corps is widely recognized as a pre-eminent first responder with a global reach, delivering humanitarian relief to individuals and communities in need for more than three decades. Such work depends on trained, experienced personnel, and we maintain an active roster of experts with skills in emergency response operations.

  • International Medical Corps also builds self-reliance by helping prepare communities through training programs for local staff so they can respond better to future disasters. Working with communities, we develop emergency systems that cover the spectrum from household to national-level in order to reduce the impact of future disasters and, in the long-term, possibly prevent them.
  • Emergency Response Volunteers
    International Medical Corps' emergency response team works to minimize the loss of life and alleviate the suffering of disaster-affected populations across the globe. Our volunteer focus during this devastating time is the provision of life-saving emergency health services, primary health care, public health, and emergency nutrition. International Medical Corps is looking for highly trained medical staff to add to our emergency response roster, which requires that volunteers be willing to deploy rapidly—usually within 72 hours—and for 2–8 weeks. (Preference is given to those able to deploy for longer durations.) In most instances, volunteers will be required to pay for their own flights, but will receive a food allowance for each day spent in the field, shared housing, and emergency medical evacuation insurance.
    International Medical Corps
    12400 Willshire Blvd., Suite 1500
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Phone: 310.826.7800
    Fax: 310.442.6622

    To Find Current Volunteer Opportunities:
    International Medical Relief
  • Haiti
  • Panama
  • India
  • Phillippines
  • Nepal
  • Nepal & Tibet
  • Thailand
  • Senegal
  • Myanmar
  • Rwanda & Uganda
  • IMR trips have 3 basic components Acute medical care, acute dental care, and community health education. Our teams consist of a variety of medical and non-medical volunteers including: providers, dentists and dental staff, PAs, NPs, nurses, EMTs, non-medical personnel and an IMR staff clinic director. The make–up of each team is unique and the services we provide to the patients are in part specialized to meet the expertise within the team.
  • We encourage qualified healthcare professionals to apply to join one of our trips. For each trip, clinic days are designed, and patients selected, based in part on the specialties of team members. IMR provides all arrangements for our overseas medical volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare workers. We also encourage volunteers other than healthcare professionals to join our trips to assist our overseas medical clinic teams and to support a variety of trip-related activities.
  • Students, Surgical Teams, Non-medical professionals, Dental, Medical, Family Mission Trips
  • Costs: South and Central America $2700–$3000, Asia and Africa: $3200–$3600
  • International Medical Relief
    1151 Eagle Drive, Suite 457
    Loveland, CO 80537
    Phone: 970.635.0110
    Fax: 970.635.0440
    All Hands Volunteers – Rebuilding Hope Active Projects
  • Louisiana Flood Response
  • Fiji Cyclone Response
  • South Carolina Flood Recovery
  • Nepal Earthquake Recovery
    We respond to the needs of communities impacted by the immediate devastation from natural disasters by engaging and leveraging volunteers, partner organizations and local communities to help homeowners by engaging in activities like "mucking and gutting" after a flood, "rubbling" after an earthquake, or safe demolition for buildings that are dangerous.

    We work together with communities to meet their longer term needs by rebuilding the basic "hubs" of a community, including homes, schools, day care facilities and community centers.

    We become part of the fabric of the communities we serve. As we do so, we uncover new ways that we can serve and encourage our volunteers to meet these needs where feasible. Projects have included weekly movie nights for kids in Malawi to offset the devastation with smiles and laughter, holding weekly English tutoring sessions in the Philippines or hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of flood victims in Detroit.

    All Hands provides positive and productive volunteer opportunities, assisting communities affected by natural disaster. Come help us as we muck, gut, construct, sanitize, demolish and repair homes, schools and hospitals around the world. Not to mention all the other amazing stuff we’ve done — education and training programs, fundraising initiatives, tree planting, well building and more! No previous experience or special skills required, just a willingness to jump in, work hard and help out.
    • Age 18 years or older ONLY
    • Age 16 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult
    • Under 16 years cannot apply
    All Hands Volunteers – Rebuilding Hope
    6 County Road, Suite 6
    Mattapoisett, MA 02739
    Phone: 508.758.8211

    Volunteer Inquiries: Email – [email protected]
    Doctors Worldwide "Although we aim to respond to emergency situations around the world, our main focus is designing and implementing evidence based long-term healthcare projects for the poor."

    Areas Served:

    • Kenya
    • Pakistan
    • Tanzania
    • Malawi
    • DR Congo

    Emergency Programs:

    • Syria
    • Gaza
    • Ebola
    • Sierra Leone
  • Provide healthcare and medical services to the poor.
  • Focus on improving community health for the longer term through low-cost impact interventions.
  • Look after the needs of Orphans, Vulnerable and Disabled Children
  • Save mothers from dying through Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program
  • Short-term placements = 3 weeks
  • Medium-term placements lasting up to 12 months
  • Open to any with a professional health background, not just physicians
  • Doctors Worldwide UK
    134 Wellington Road North
    SK4 2LL, United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 161 292 5788
    Fax: +44 161 292 5776

    Email: [email protected]
    Heart to Heart When a major international disaster strikes, HHI deploys a team of highly qualified responders equipped to rapidly respond as a self-contained mobile medical team.

    Areas Served:

    • Kenya
    • Pakistan
    • Tanzania
    • Malawi
    • DR Congo

    Emergency Programs:

    • Syria
    • Gaza
    • Ebola
    • Sierra Leone
    The Disaster Response Team (DRT) works in disaster zones to provide medical care including triage, first aid, stabilization and referral of severe trauma, as well as basic emergency care of pediatrics, obstetric and metal health needs. Backed by top-notch HHI logistical support, the DRT members can focus on the task at hand — helping victims of disaster We are recruiting volunteers in these fields: Nurses, Physicians/Mid-level Providers (Emergency Medicine, General Practitioner, Family Medicine, Pediatrics), EMT/Paramedics, Physical Therapists, Mental Health, Logistics, Administration, Security Heart to Heart International
    13250 W. 98th St.
    Lenexa, Kansas 66215
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    Phone: 913.327.1415

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