AMSSM and partnering societies have created an ongoing clinical/research Global Exchange program to expand on relationships being formed through the AMSSM Traveling Fellowship. This program will provide a great educational opportunity for selected members, with a long-term objective of building clinical and research collaborations with these countries. AMSSM has partnered with the Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine, the Norwegian Society of Sports Medicine and the South African Sports Medicine Association as the first three international societies to be part of this ongoing Global Exchange program. AMSSM members will be selected to travel to Japan, Norway and South Africa in alternating years, with Japan/Norway/South Africa sending a member to AMSSM in alternating years.

Past Global Exchange Fellows have included:
Year Participant Location
2023 Dr. Tom Trojian Norway
2022 Dr. Katherine Rizzone Japan
2022 Dr. Jim MacDonald South Africa

Applications for the 2024 Global Exchange Fellows will open in the coming months. The AMSSM Global Exchange program is funded through a grant from Enovis/DJO Global, via the AMSSM Foundation.

  • Applicants must have been AMSSM members for at least the past five years, must be at least five years out from completion of an accredited sports medicine fellowship, be board certified in sports medicine and currently practicing in the U.S. or Canada.
  • AMSSM will provide up to $5,000 for the trip to support the travel expenses for the selected AMSSM member to serve as a Global Exchange Fellow that year. Any expenses above $5,000 will be the responsibility of the participant.
    • Participants will be responsible for booking all travel arrangements. Receipts will be required for reimbursement of coach class airfare, lodging and transportation and other travel expenses. Participants can include an $80/day per diem for meal costs not covered by conference registration. The host country will provide complimentary meeting registration for the visiting AMSSM Global Exchange Fellow.
  • Applicants will be vetted/recommended by the IIOR Committee and presented to the AMSSM Board Executive Committee for approval. The selection Committee will carefully look at clinical and research goals of the applicants to determine the best candidate to participate in the exchange each year.
  • NOTE: this is not an Exchange Lecture. The AMSSM member selected for this opportunity will not be guaranteed a podium session at the meeting he/she will be attending. The host country will provide an opportunity to speak at the meeting, whether that be in a small group presentation, poster presentation, instructional course lecture or at the podium.
  • Global Exchange Fellows will be expected to be available to share about their experiences for appropriate AMSSM communications (via newsletter, podcasts, etc.). After the trip, the AMSSM member will be expected to send the IIOR Chair a report about her/his trip including information on the meeting attended and any potential opportunities for collaboration.
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