The Founders' Award is the highest honor that AMSSM presents each year. It honors exemplary contributions to AMSSM and to the discipline of sports medicine. The Founders' Award may be given annually to the individual, group or organization that exemplifies the best we can be or do in sports medicine. A $500 award and plaque are presented to the recipient during the AMSSM Annual Meeting.
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The AMSSM President's Award honors exemplary contributions to AMSSM and to the discipline of sports medicine by a deserving individual who is not eligible for AMSSM membership. The award may be given annually (but not required). The Award is given at the discretion of the AMSSM President, with approval required by the AMSSM Board of Directors. The Award shall be presented at the AMSSM Annual Meeting.

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Presented for the top overall podium Research Abstract presentation during the AMSSM Annual Meeting. Recipient receives a $500 award and plaque.

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Presented for the research abstract presentation at the AMSSM Annual Meeting that best addresses the health and safety issues of college athletes. The award is supported by the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports. Recipient receives a $500 award and plaque.

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Harry GalantyThe Harry L. Galanty, MD Young Investigator's Award is presented at the AMSSM Annual Meeting for the most outstanding research presentation by a member who is a sports medicine fellow or who has recently completed fellowship training.

The award was established in 2003 to honor Harry Galanty, MD, a charter member of the AMSSM, who passed away in 1999 at the age 36. Harry's contributions to sports medicine combined clinical service, and a commitment to teaching and research. He had established himself as a leader in each of his post-fellowship positions, and he accomplished this within just a few years of completing his training. Beyond these achievements, Harry was a respected colleague and friend to many in the sports medicine community. The AMSSM is proud to be able to offer this award in his memory.

Recipient receives a $500 award and plaque.

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The David O. Hough Memorial Lecture is presented each year at the AMSSM Annual Meeting by a distinguished physician of sports medicine. While the subject may vary, this lecture is meant to highlight an important philosophical topic at the core of sports medicine. Its purpose is to challenge and create discussion among society members. Dr. Hough was a Founder and major contributor to the efforts of founding AMSSM. As Director of Sports Medicine at Michigan State University, he helped establish one of this country's first fellowship programs and bring it to national prominence. Modeling good comprehensive athletic care and committing to full coverage of events, Dave worked tirelessly to promote a system of quality care for all athletes. His premature death cut short a career that spanned two decades of work at the local, state and national level. He was considered a fine teacher, role model and leader within the field of sports medicine.

"The role of the healer must not be lost in the complexity of medicine." — AMSSM Founder David O. Hough, MD (1946-1996)

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A Keynote Lecture at the AMSSM Annual Meeting designated by the incoming AMSSM President.

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Two awards given for top Case Abstract podium presentations during the AMSSM Annual Meeting. Recipients receive $500 award and plaque.

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Six awards are presented annually to help support Residents attending the AMSSM Annual Meeting. The awards are presented to the Resident members who best demonstrate a commitment to a career in sports medicine. Recipients receive complimentary registration for the AMSSM Annual Meeting, a $500 award that can be used for travel and an award plaque that will be presented at the Annual Meeting.

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One award is presented annually to help support a Medical Student attending the AMSSM Annual Meeting. The award is presented to the Student member who best demonstrates a commitment to a career in sports medicine. Recipient receives complimentary registration for the AMSSM Annual Meeting, a $500 award that can be used for travel and an award plaque that will be presented at the Annual Meeting. This award was made possible through the Galen Medical Society.

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2023 Stephen Simons, MD, FAMSSM   2011 Chris Madden, MD, FAMSSM
2022 John DiFiori, MD, FAMSSM   2010 Stephen Paul, MD, FAMSSM
2021 Robert Dimeff, MD, FAMSSM   2008 Connie Lebrun, MD, FAMSSM
2020 Kim Harmon, MD, FAMSSM   2007 Jim Moriarity, MD, FAMSSM
2019 Chad Carlson, MD, FAMSSM   2006 (1) Randall Dick
2018 Aurelia Nattiv, MD, FAMSSM     (2) Vito Periello Jr., MD
2017 Francis O'Connor, MD, FAMSSM   2005 Elizabeth Arendt, MD
2016 Bill Dexter, MD, FAMSSM, FACSM   2004 John A. Bergfeld, MD
2015 Bob Kiningham, MD, FAMSSM   2003 Cindy Chang, MD, FAMSSM
2014 Margot Putukian, MD, FAMSSM   2002 James Whiteside, MD
2013 Warren Howe, MD   2001 Karl B. Fields, MD, FAMSSM
2012 Craig Young, MD, FAMSSM   2000 David Hough, MD
2022 Marjorie Albohm, MS, AT-Ret.   2023 Rock Vomer, DO, DPT & Emma York, DO
2013 Eve Becker-Doyle, CAE (Former Executive   2022 Jennifer Koontz, MD, MPH, FAMSSM
  Director of NATA)   2021 Ami Hampole, DO
      2020 Alex Diamond, DO, MPH, FAMSSM
      2019 Jonathan Drezner, MD, FAMSSM


2023 Andrew Watson, MD, MS
Race and Socioeconomic Status Influence the Benefits of Returning to Sports During COVID-19/span>
  2023 Sherilyn DeStefano, MD
Screening College Athletes for Sexual Violence: Current Trends and Athletes' Opinions on Best Practices
2022 Erin Hammer, MD, MPH
Effect of Degree of Weight Cutting on In-Competition Injury Risk in Collegiate Division I Wrestlers
  2022 Daniel Herman, MD, PhD
Return to Play after ACL Injury is Related to Neurocognitive Performance and Modifed by Sex
2021 Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu, MD, MPH
The Athletes Rights Survey: A Step Towards Intentional Injury (Abuse) Prevention in Sport
  2021 Nicole Katz, BS
Collegiate Athletes with Female Athlete Triad Risk Factors Are At A Greater Risk Of Trabecular-Rich Bone Stress Injuries
2019 Nicola Hyde, MD
Electrocardiogram Interpretation in NCAA Athletes: Comparison of the 'Seattle' and 'International' Criteria
  2019 Kim Harmon, MD, FAMSSM
Cardiovascular Screening in the Pac-12: Comparing History and Physical with and without ECG
2018 Jason Zaremski, MD
An Unaccounted Workload Factor: Pitch Counts in High School Pitchers, An Observational Study
  2018 Stephen Carek, MD
Usefulness of the AHA 10-point Cardiovascular Screening Questionnaire in Identifying Conditions Associated with Sudden Cardiac Death in Collegiate Athletes
2017 Christina Master, MD
The Use of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) for Assessing Cognitive Workload after Concussion
  2017 Andrea Pitts, MD
Epinephrine: Is There a Cheaper but Equally Effective Alternative?
2016 John Leddy, MD, FAMSSM
Cardiovascular Autonomic Dysfunction in Recently Concussed College Athletes
  2016 Erin Hammer, MD, MPH
Association Between Female Athlete Triad Cumulative Risk Assessment and In-Season Stress Fracture in Collegiate Cross-Country Athletes
2015 Alison Brooks, MD, MPH, FAMSSM
Establishing the Psychometric Properties of the Child Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (Child SCAT3)
  2015 Heather Grothe, MD
Change in Clearance Status with Implementation of the 2014 Female Athlete Triad Coalition Screening Guidelines in NCAA Athletes
2014 Nathaniel Nye, MD
Does Abdominal Circumference of Body Mass Index Better Predict Lower Extremity Injury Risk?
  2014 Christopher Hogrefe, MD
BESS Scores Among NCAA Division 1 Football Athletes
2013 Anthony Beutler, MD, FAMSSM
Can a 10-minute injury prevention program decrease injuries in military cadets? A JUMP-ACL study
  2013 Daniel Herman, MD, PhD
Concussion Increases the Risk of Subsequent Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injury in Collegiate Athletes
2012 William Meehan, MD
A Murine Model of Multiple Mild Concussive Brain Injuries and the Effects of Recovery Time on Cognitive Outcome
  2012 Margot Putukian, MD, FAMSSM
Prospective Clinical Assessment (SCAT2), Hybrid Neuropsychological (NP) Testing and Neuroimaging in the Evaluation of Sport Related Concussion (SRC) in College Athletes
2011 Alison Brooks, MD, MPH, FAMSSM
The Effect of Lace-Up Ankle Braces on Acute Ankle Injury in High School Basketball Players
  2011 Kevin Waninger, MD, MS, FAMSSM
CA-MRSA Does Not Penetrate Wrestling Mats with Applied Force
2010 Irfan Asif, MD
Incidence and Etiology of Sudden Death in National Collegiate Athletic Association Athletes
  2010 James Richardson, MD
Effect of Static Stretching on Injury Prevention in High School Soccer Athletes
2009 Cynthia LaBella, MD, FAMSSM
Effectiveness of a Neuromuscular Warm-Up in Reducing Injuries Among Racially-Diverse Female Athletes in Urban Public Schools: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial
  2009 Ashwin Rao, MD, FAMSSM
Usefulness of the AHA 10-point Cardiovascular Screening Questionnaire in Identifying Conditions Associated with Sudden Cardiac Death in Collegiate Athletes
2008 David Berkoff, MD, FAMSSM   2008 John Touhy, DO
2007 James Glazer, MD   2007 Daniel Hendrickson, MD
2006 Robert Hosey, MD   2006 C. Ed Clarke, III, MD
2005 Kevin Burroughs, MD   2005 Michael Krauss, MD
2004 Brian Sennett, MD      
2003 Elizabeth Joy, MD, MPH, FAMSSM      
2002 Mark Lovell, PhD      
2001 Margot Putukian, MD, FAMSSM      
2000 (1) Thomas Kohl, MD
(2) Alex Lai, MD, PhD
GALANTY AWARD (Young Investigator)

Nelson Boland, MD
Sleep Extension and Consistency Improve Athletic Performance in NCAA Division I Collegiate Athletes

  2012 Jessie Fudge, MD
Cardiovascular Screening in Young Athletes: A Prospective Study Comparing the PPE Monograph 4th Edition and Electrocardiogram

Kristin Whitney, MD
Running Gait Biomechanics in Children and Adolescents, Age and Sex-Specific Features

  2011 Irfan Asif, MD
Accuracy of ECG Interpretation in Competitive Athletes

Ashley Austin, MD
Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Adolescent Male Basketball Players: Survival Outcomes at School-Sponsored Versus AAU/Select Events

  2010 Alan Zakaria, DO, MS
The Effects of Static Stretching on Injury Prevention in High School Soccer Athletes
2019 Lauren Nadkarni, MD
High School Ice Hockey Concussion Rates Reduced with Implementation of New Checking/Boarding Rules
  2009 Jessie Fudge, MD
Warning Symptoms and Family History in Children with Sudden Cardiac Arrest
2018 Andrea Kussman, MD
The Female Athlete Triad Cumulative Risk Assessment Score Implemented at the Preparticipation Physical Exam Correlates with Risk of Bone Stress Injury in Collegiate Distance Runners: A Four Year Prospective Study
  2008 Ashwin Rao, MD, FAMSSM
2017 Andrea Pitts, MD
Epinephrine: Is There a Cheaper but Equally Effective Alternative?
  2007 John Su, MD, MPH
2016 Drew Glover, MD
Survey of Alcohol Use and Effects on College Athletes Year 2
  2006 Matthew Gammons, MD, FAMSSM
2015 Michael Donaworth, MD
The Use of Vision Training as a Means of Decreasing Concussion Incidence in Football
  2005 David Berkhoff, MD, FAMSSM
2014 Andrew Watson, MD, MS
In Non-Obese Children, Fitness and BMI, But Not Body Fat Percentage, Are Independent Predictors of Fasting Insulin
  2004 Jon Drezner, MD, FAMSSM
2013 Brett Toresdahl, MD
Incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in High School Students and Student-Athletes
  2003 Thomas Kohl, MD


2023 David Olson, MD, FAMSSM   2023 Feranmi Okanlami, MD, MS
2022 Jonathan Drezner, MD, FAMSSM   2022 Travis Tygart (USADA CEO)
2021 Cindy J. Chang, MD, FAMSSM   2021 Billy Mills
2019 Kim Harmon, MD, FAMSSM   2019 (1) Michael A. Berry, MD, MS
2018 Tom Best, MD, PhD     (2) Pat LaFontaine
2017 Sean Bryan, MD, FAAFP     (3) Jordyn Wieber
2016 Jeff Tanji, MD, FAMSSM   2018 Francis O'Connor, MD, MPH, FAMSSM
2015 Margot Putukian, MD, FAMSSM   2017 LTG(R) Eric Schoomaker, MD, PhD
2014 Peter Brukner, MBBS   2016 (1) John Lombardo, MD, FAMSSM
2013 Craig Young, MD, FAMSSM     (2) Doug McKeag, MD, MS, FAMSSM
2012 Tracy Ray, MD, FAMSSM     (3) James Puffer, MD, FAMSSM
2011 James Puffer, MD, FAMSSM     (4) E. Lee Rice, DO, FAMSSM
2010 Stan Herring, MD, FAMSSM   2015 Jirl Dvorak, MD
2009 Helen Iams, MD   2014 David Epstein
2008 James Garrick, MD   2013 Larry Bowers, PhD
2007 Fran O'Connor, MD, FAMSSM      
2006 Anne Allen, MD, FAMSSM      
2005 Steve Simons, MD, FAMSSM      
2004 Kim Fagan, MD, FAMSSM      
2003 Greg Landry, MD, FAMSSM      
2002 Douglas McKeag, MD, FAMSSM      
2023 (1) Stephanie Clark, DO, MS
Rib Pain in a Runner
(2) Jacob Holtz, DO
Compressed for Time
  2015 (1) Erin Hammer, MD
Weight Loss in a Collegiate Rower
(2) Michael Rigby, DO
A Season Ending Mountain Bike "Mudder" With Career and Life Threatening Implications
2022 (1) Katherine Bohringer, DO
Hypertension in the High Seas
(2) Sean Bradley, MD
Never Turn a Blind Eye!
  2014 (1) Robert Stevens, DO
Headache After Vigorous Exercise
(2) Stephen Almasi, MD, MS
Rocky Mountain Cry
2021 (1) Stephanie Carey, MD, MPH
Numbness, Tingling and Pain, Oh My: Unexpected Etiology of Leg Pain in a Football Player
(2) Connor Mitrovich, DO
Post-traumatic Blurry Vision in a Highly Competitive Soccer Player
  2013 (1) Jordan Raugust, MD
Return-To-Play Considerations in an Adolescent After Spinal Trauma
(2) Kathy Vidlock, MD
Thigh Weakness in a Collegiate Volleyball Athlete
2019 (1) Matthew Santa Barbara, MD
Hip Pain in a Weightlifter
(2) Joseph Andrie, MD
Horse-ing Around with Hormones
  2012 (1) Jennifer Swartz, MD
Blunt Force Neck Trauma in a Field Hockey Player
(2) Masaru Furukawa, MD
First Down in the First Quarter: Spinal Cord Injury in a High School Quarterback
2018 (1) Amy Rabatin, MD, MBA, MSME
Recurrent Right Ankle Pain in 15 Year-Old Basketball and Football Athlete
(2) Karl Reisig, MD, MS
Stopping Superman - A Kryptonite Pylon to the Abdomen Shatters a Season
  2011 (1) Brian Bales, MD
A Stinger
(2) Rachel Brewer, MD
Hit Off Balance
2017 (1) Erin Hammer, MD
Chest Pain in a High School Athlete
(2) Stessie Dort Zimmerman, MD
Leg Numbness with an Interesting Timeline
  2010 (1) Kari Kindschi, MD
Persistent Myalgias in a Female Lacrosse Player
(2) Andy Peterson, MD
An Unusual Cause of Cramping in Athletes
2016 (1) John Wilson, MD
Why Am I Laughing A Lot Over Nothing?
(2) David McClaskey, MD
Triple-Deked by a Negative X-Ray: A Hockey Player's Routine Visit for a Dangerous Injury
  2009 (1) Nathan Holmes, MD
Sudden Death in a 17 Year-Old Baseball Catcher
(2) Don Williams
Forearm Pain After Intense Overuse, Oarsman's Syndrome or Is It?
  2008 Daniel Ouyang, MD

Brian Cervoni-Rosario, MD
Kuntal Chowdhary, MD
Zainab Shirazi, MD
Jeremy Swisher, MD
Lauren Wichman, MD
Tiana Symone Woolridge, MD, MPH

  2013 Cheri Blauwet, MD
John Lucas, MD
Drew Watson, MD, MS
Nate Waibel, MD
2022 Lindsey Booker, MD
Alexandre Lavigne, MD
Faustine Ramirez, MD
Derek Stokes, MD
Alec Wilhelmi, MD
Matthew Wise, MD
  2012 Maime Air, MD
John Spittler, MD, MS
Brett Toresdahl, MD
Jeff Westerfield, MD, MBA
2021 Joseph Benert, MD
Emma Cronk, MD
Will Hollabaugh, MD
Matt LaCourse, MD
Leina'ala Song, MD
Sara Walker, MD, MS
  2011 Adam Abdulally, MD
Erik Brand, MD, MSc
Daniel Herman, MD, PhD  
2020 Meredith Ehn, DO, DPT
Jeff Fleming, DO
Charles Kenyon, DO, MS, CSCS
Tyler Schmitz, DO
Allison Schroeder, MD
Kristian von Rickenbach, MD, MSc
  2010 Adam Abdulally, MD
Erik Brand, MD, MSc
Daniel Herman, MD, PhD  
2019 Alexis Coslick, DO, MS
Nicolas Hatamiya, DO
Paul Henson, MD
Amanda Honsvall Hoefler, MD
Nate Milburn, MD, MBA
Naima Stennett, MD, MS
  2009 Irfan Asif, MD
Lauren Elson, MD
Amanjit Sekhon, MD
2018 Jovauna Currey, MD
Aloiya Earl, MD
Marc Gruner, DO, MBA, RMSK
Jordan Knox, MD
Amy West, MD, MEd
Xiaoning (Jenny) Yuan, MD, PhD
  2008 John Baldea, MD
Damond Blueitt, MD
Eric Parks, MD

2017 Erik Latzka, MD
Robert Diaz Jr., MD
Eric Schub, DO
Andrew Gomez, MD
Reina Nakamura, DO
Terry Smith, MD
  2007 John Baldea, MD
Damond Blueitt, MD
Eric Parks, MD

2016 Rathna Nuti, MD
Luci Olewinski, MD
Joshua Rothenberg, DO
David Siebert, MD
Jillian Sylvester, MD
Isaac Syrop, MD
  2006 John Baldea, MD
Damond Blueitt, MD
Eric Parks, MD

2015 Nicole Boniquit, MD
Samuel Chu, MD
Heather Grothe, MD
Andrea Kussman, MD
Lindsay Ramey, MD
Karin VanBaak, MD
  2005 Casey Batten, MD
Jessica Ellis, MD
Joel Kary, MD
2014 Michael Baria, MD, MBA
Drew Duerson, MD
Brian Kim, MD, MS
Caitlyn Mooney, MD
Michelle Napoli-Kilburg, MD
Joshua Sole, MD
  2004 Chad Asplund, MD
Spencer Richards, MD
Carlos Soto, MD
      2003 David Priebe, MD
Adam Redlich, MD
Available to AMSSM Student members to provide assistance to attend the Annual Meeting, this award is given annually to a Student member who best demonstrates a commitment to a career in sports medicine. The scholarship recipient receives $500.00 cash award, complimentary registration to the AMSSM Annual Meeting (general sessions) and an award plaque.   Available to AMSSM members who represent an underrepresented minority group and are presenting a case and/or research abstract (either poster or podium) at the Upcoming AMSSM Annual Meeting. Each scholarship recipient will receive $500.00 cash award to help defray expenses towards attending the AMSSM Annual Meeting and an award plaque and is awarded annually.
2023 Robert Hair, BS
Constantine Nicolozakes, PhD
Prem Thirunagari BS, BSHS
  2023 Lyndsey Booker, MD
Beatrice Caballero, MD
Onyinyechi Chidomere, MD
Daniel Givner, BS
Shane Hervey, MD
2022 Alex Akman, MS
Alan Grusky, BS
Andrew Nowak
  2022 Beatrice Caballero, MD
Justin Chu, MD
Eugene Palatulan, MD
James Smith, MD, MPH
Tiana Woolridge, MD, MPH
2021 Brittany Amerman, MBS
Nicole Katz, BS
Eileen Storey, BA
  2021 Marisa Jayakar, MD
Alberto Oseguera, MD
2020 Sonal Singh, BA
  2020 Giorgio Negron, MD
2019 Andrew Kuhn, BA
  2019 Meredith Turner, MD
2018 Emma Cronk, BSc      
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Available to one AMSSM Resident member who is a current resident of the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Residency to provide assistance to attend the Annual Meeting, this award is given annually to a resident who is interested in the field of sports medicine. The scholarship recipient receives complimentary registration to the AMSSM Annual Meeting (general sessions).   A grant opportunity in honor of long-time AMSSM member Rosemary Agostini, MD, and her decades of commitment to underserved communities, the Agostini Medical Student Community Outreach Grant is for current medical students enrolled in an accredited allopathic or osteopathic medical school. In an effort to intentionally grow a pipeline of diverse candidates choosing sports medicine as their career, grant applicants are asked to develop a community program/event to encourage young people from underrepresented backgrounds to consider medicine and a sub-specialty of sports medicine. Each grant recipient will receive $500 to cover their expenses to implement a community outreach program/event. Medical Students awarded the grant who are not current AMSSM Student members will be awarded AMSSM Student membership.
2023 Justin Chu, MD
Shanterian King, DO
Katherine Wainwright, MD, MSc
Gage Williamson, DO
  2023 Micah Furr, BS
Elver Ho, BA
Andrew Nowak, JD
Jamuel Zverev, BS/Zachary Tenner, BA
2022 Jeremy Carter, MD
Joseph Coppiano, MD
Tunc Kiymaz, MD
Emily Wolfenden, MD, MPH
  2022 Alex Akman, MS
Jessica Buttinger, MS
Andrew Nowak, JD
Dante Zanders
2021 Brian Atkinson, MD
Christina Pedro, MD, MBA
Justin Reed, MD
Rock Vomer, DO, DPT
2020 Jordan Geroski, DO      

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