The AMSSM Board of Directors has approved adding an International Research Abstract submission category, a $500 award for Best International Research Presentation, opened time slots at the podium for top International Research Presentations; and will be devoting time during the Welcome Reception to International Research Poster Presentations at the 2020 Annual Meeting.


  • You must be an AMSSM International member to submit an abstract. Those international colleagues interested in submitting abstracts at that time should begin the International membership application process now. International members who apply for membership in August or after will have their membership run through December 31, 2020).

  • You may submit more than one research abstract. However, each first author/presenter will only be permitted to give one podium presentation. If additional abstracts are accepted, they will be poster presentations.

  • The primary author submitting the abstract must also be the presenter. Presenter substitutions will only be allowed for significant changes in life circumstance and will require the written approval of the Research Committee Chair(s).

  • You CANNOT submit the same Research Abstract for the a Case Presentation session.

  • Abstracts which have been presented elsewhere will be accepted. However, this work must not be submitted for publication as a full paper in a journal at the time of abstract submission or have appeared in print elsewhere (except in abstract from) prior to the AMSSM Annual Meeting.

  • Please review the complete list of submission requirements on the submission form.

  • There is a maximum character count per section. For an example of the abstract form and the number of characters allowed per section, please view the example here.

  • Greater than and less than symbols (>, <) must be separated by a space and typed directly into the form.

  • Plus/Minus signs (±) are not an accepted entity for html when inserted into your form or copied from a WORD or Pages document. Please use +/- typed directly into the form to ensure proper submission.

  • RESEARCH SUBMISSION EXAMPLE: To view an example of the online submission form click here.

  • LockedRESEARCH ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: To submit your research log in and click here


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