The AMSSM Foundation offers a variety of Research Grants to AMSSM members conducting research within the field of sports medicine. The research grant awards are available only to AMSSM members. Other sports medicine researchers may be involved with the applications but the primary investigator must be an AMSSM member. Members who are interested in completing an application must be logged into the AMSSM site. The link to the grant applications, additional information and instructions are restricted to members only and viewing the link requires you to be logged into AMSSM.

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RFP ("The Stephen I. Katz Bridge to R34 Grant") – LOI DEADLINE: 6/15/2021

This RFP is uniquely designed to help investigators gather the necessary preliminary data and evidence to support planning and conduct of a future interventional clinical trial. Because the NIAMS R34 award mechanism does not allow for data collection to support the rationale and feasibility for a clinical trial, investigators can use this Bridge Grant funding opportunity to gather essential support. Either pilot or preliminary studies are eligible for this RFP. Pilot and feasibility studies are fundamental to the planning of a randomized clinical trial (RCT) and their purpose differs from that of an actual, large-scale RCT. The goal of an RCT is to assess the efficacy of an intervention when compared to a comparison group (hypothesis-driven); whereas the goal of a pilot or feasibility study is to assess whether a full RCT can and should be pursued (not hypothesis-driven). Pilot studies often operate as miniature RCTs and should be used to evaluate the feasibility of such things as recruitment, randomization, retention, new methods and procedures, and/or implementation of a new intervention. It is advantageous for the design of such studies to be similar to that of the proposed larger, subsequent clinical trial. Additionally, preliminary feasibility studies that aim to develop necessary interventions or outcome measures for a future clinical trial are also appropriate. The purpose of these studies is to assess whether or not an RCT will be feasible for a particular intervention introduced in a given population. Although control groups are not required in preliminary studies, the use of a control group allows for a more complete evaluation of the proposed study processes. Interested investigators are strongly encouraged to reach out to the CRN to discuss the appropriateness of their project idea for this Bridge Grant and to NIH NIAMS program officers to assess programmatic interest in the proposed topic prior to LOI submission.

NEW** AMSSM Minority Research Grant Award –

AMSSM is excited to announce a new research grant opportunity geared specifically for researchers identifying as underrepresented minorities. This research grant award will replace the previous Clinical Research Grant. This restructured grant builds on the efforts and priorities of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Presidential Task Force. More information will be released later this Fall with an anticipated due date of February 15, 2021.

CRN Grant Awards – ($300,000 award, available when funded) —

AMSSM and its Collaborative Research Network have awarded one $300,000 research grant to support quality, multi-site research seeking to address key priority areas within the field of sports medicine. The grant was funded by AMSSM and the AMSSM Foundation and was open to all AMSSM members, who were encouraged to connect with collaborators both within and outside of AMSSM. The grant was intended as seed money to provide data for major external grants to follow. In alignment with the mission of the CRN, proposals were required to include two or more sites. Additional Grant Awards are expected to become open in future years. You must be logged in to access the Grant Application.

AMSSM Foundation Young Investigator Research Grants (Deadline: 10/08/2021)

The purpose of these awards is to support research projects initiated by AMSSM members 5 years or less out of fellowship. Research grant proposals that investigate issues within the broad discipline of sports medicine, including clinical practice, injury prevention and rehabilitation, basic science, epidemiology and education are welcomed. The primary investigator of the grant must be an AMSSM member at the time of grant submission. A young investigator is defined as 5 years or less since completion of sports medicine fellowship training. Current AMSSM fellow and resident members are eligible to apply. Resident AMSSM members may apply as the principal investigator but must have at least one full AMSSM member listed as a co-investigator at the time of application.

AMSSM Foundation Research Grant Application (Deadline: 11/05/2021)

The purpose of the AMSSM Foundation Research Grant Award program is to foster original scientific investigations by members of AMSSM. Research proposals that investigate issues within the broad discipline of sports medicine will be considered, including clinical practice, injury prevention and rehabilitation, basic science, epidemiology and education. To be eligible, the primary investigator must be an AMSSM member. The grant application, additional instructions and information will be available in the summer of the grant year.

CRN 2020 Grant Award (Deadline: October 1, 2020 - LIMITED) (Deadline: 10/01/2020)


Minority Research Grant Award - Deadline 2/15/2021 (Deadline: 02/15/2021)


Grant Sources (Deadline: 09/25/2021)


USBJI Young Investigators AMSSM Grant

Application process:
  1. AMSSM member
  2. Accepted by USBJI Young Investigators Initiative Grant Mentoring Workshop Program (Jan. 15 and July 15 deadlines).
  3. Grant request must be submitted to AMSSM Research Chair before attending conference ([email protected]) - (no post- attendance grant requests).
  4. Once applicant has been accepted to the program they may apply for the Grant funding. Acceptance generally occurs within 60 days of the application cycle.
Funding request will include:
  1. Documentation from USBJI of program acceptance
  2. A letter for a request for Grant funds
  3. A copy of the USBJI application
    • 2 Letters of reference
    • One or two page document with program title, and outline of a proposed grant application, to include the question, specific aims, and a brief description of research strategy, making sure to note applicant's name
    • CV
  • Funding requests will be reviewed by the Research Committee Chair, Abstract Sub-committee chair and one at large member.
  • Notification of results will occur within 30 days of the Grant application
  • Accepted application will be reimbursed for travel, lodging and meals up to $2500 total for both spring and fall meetings) with submission of receipts within 30 days of the meeting. (Dates change by the year)
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