Dear AMSSM Colleagues,

Nearly two years ago, AMSSM Immediate Past President Katherine Dec, MD and our leadership team set out to create a differentiating, elevating and consistent brand and marketing strategy for our member physicians.

I want to thank the Branding & Marketing Task Force, as well as the AMSSM members and leaders, who participated in this process. Their direction and input solidified our recommendations. Today we begin the roll out of a fresh, bold campaign that communicates who we are and what we do, as well as the value our members bring to the field of sports medicine.

This campaign unifies our members as Sports Medicine Physicians and positions us as an essential member of the health care team for athletes and active people of all levels.

Check out our first segment of messaging below. There will be additional marketing materials released over the next few months. Also look for consumer and referral source marketing efforts that AMSSM will be executing on your behalf. Finally, we have created an AMSSM member marketing toolkit available on the Member-Only Section of the website. The resources and content in this toolkit will be expanded throughout early 2019 leading up to the 2019 Annual Meeting this April in Houston. The toolkit will be a resource for sports medicine physician members and their practices to help better educate patients, referrers and the public as to who we are and what we do.

It is a privilege to serve as your president and I look forward to seeing you in Houston in April!
Chad Asplund, MD, MPH
AMSSM President
We Understand You

It's the theme of our new campaign.
It's a phrase that encapsulates who we are.
It says to our patients, "We know you because we've been in your shoes before."
After all, most of us are former athletes ourselves. It also emphasizes that we're physicians trained to treat the whole person. Whether they're a weekend warrior or a Golden State Warrior, we can help them keep doing what they love.
Physicians for active people and athletes
Differentiation. Definition. Our new tagline offers both.
One of our goals was to define who we are so patients have a better understanding and you have a shorthand explanation. To do this we developed a new tagline.
It puts the biggest differentiator upfront by emphasizing the fact that all members are physicians. It also recognizes the varying levels of "athletes" you treat.
Another one of our goals is to better own the sports medicine category for our members by reducing confusion with other "sports medicine" providers.
"Physicians for active people and athletes" says it all and says it succinctly.
Brand Video
These pictures are worth a 1000 words. To create awareness about the value and importance of having a sports medicine physician, we've created a video that captures the excitement of our new branding campaign. It tells the "Sports Medicine Physician" story to patients and those who refer them.
Featuring AMSSM members and their actual patients, it offers a believable real life narrative. We will make it available on our website and social media platforms so patients and referral sources connecting with us can access it for themselves. You will also be able to link to the video and use it for your own marketing purposes.

The New AMSSM Identity

Identifying an identity that reflects who we truly are and highlights the benefits that only AMSSM members bring to patient care, our new logo and symbol provide all of us with a platform to tell the "Sports Medicine Physician" story.

The logo is contemporary and innovative, simple and powerful. It projects the medical expertise of our members and reflects our goals as the premier organization leading the way in the field of Sports Medicine. Its individual elements were deliberately designed to represent our society as the way to advance the discipline of Sports Medicine.
Ribbon graphic through the bold "SM" represents activity and the momentum of our leadership in the field of Sports Medicine.
Rod of Asclepius symbolizes expertise as physicians and leaders in the field of sports medicine.
AMSSM Member Symbol
A new member symbol was also developed, based on the new AMSSM logo, that can be used on your marketing materials to identify you as an AMSSM member Sports Medicine Physician – adding a level of authority to your marketing communications.
Member Marketing Toolkit
We're creating a "toolkit" that will provide members with marketing materials to download. Use it to create co-branded materials with your practice logo and/or contact information.
You can also use it to reach referral audiences in other creative ways, including member-hosted workshops, webinars, round table discussions and networking events.
AMSSM will provide a menu of member marketing communications materials to choose from which could include the following:
  • Referral and patient education materials
  • Print and digital ads
  • Brand video
  • New member seal
  • Direct mail
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