Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Fellowship Assistance Program (FAP) is to provide assistance to fellowship program directors and those desiring to start a fellowship program. At is our goal as an organization to assist our members by sharing information and expertise which will further the development of sports medicine training. The FAP has been developed to provide you with up-to-date answers to your fellowship questions.

FAP Consultants
The consultants providing FAP information are all fellowship program directors who have been a director for at least five years and have assisted with the initial ACGME application and at least one accreditation cycle for a sports medicine fellowship program. All website information has been developed by a FAP consultant panel and approved by the AMSSM Board of Directors.

Levels of Assistance
It is our goal to provide you with the most accurate information possible in a cost-effective manner. We have developed a self-service website information resource, which is available at no charge to AMSSM members. This will help with the most frequently asked questions. There are also document review and on site consultation services which are available for a fee.

Accessing FAP Information Resources or Initiating a FAP Referral
Start first by looking at the AMSSM Fellowship website information. There is a good chance you will find the information you need. Should you require additional information or an in depth consultation, please complete the FAP Needs Assessment Form and a member of our staff will follow up with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Medicine Fellowship Programs

Where do I get information about requirements for Sports Medicine Fellowship Programs?
You can download the Program Information Form (PIF) and Program and Institutional Requirements information sheets from the American Council on Graduate Medical Education at www.acgme.org

How long does it take to get accreditation for a sports medicine fellowship program?
The process can be completed in about six to nine months. The Residency Review Committee (RRC), which is the accrediting body for sports medicine fellowships, meets Three times per year (January, April, and August). The Completed Program Information Form (PIF) needs to be submitted three months prior to the RRC Committee Meeting. Typically a site visit is not needed for a new program unless questions arise in the PIF review.

Can a fellow who starts out in a program which is not accredited, but which receives accreditation during the fellow's training, be considered as having graduated from an accredited program?
No, the program must be accredited at the time the fellow begins his or her training for the fellow to receive the benefits of graduating from an accredited program (i.e. able to sit for the CSQ exam). However, a program can apply for retroactive accreditation and, if granted to a date prior to the fellows' matriculation into the program, the fellow will be considered to have completed training in an accredited program.

What is the fellowship match and how can a program get involved with the match?
The fellowship match program works in the same manner as the residency match. Program and candidate preferences are matched in an effort to find the best match for both. It is AMSSM's goal to have all sports medicine fellowship programs participate in the match. Programs can apply to the match by contacting the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) at:

National Residency Match Program
2501 M Street, NW Suite 1
Washington, DC 20037-1307
Phone: 202-828-0566
Web Page: https://www.nrmp.org

Are there any resources available to assist with starting up a fellowship program?
You can get specific answers to your questions or can obtain assistance for your fellowship by contacting the AMSSM Fellowship Assistance Program (FAP)

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Fellowship Universal Application

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