International/Inter-Organizational Relations


The International/Inter-Organizational Relations (IIOR) Committee will create and foster direct, personal, professional and collaborative connections between AMSSM and other medical and sport-related national and international organizations for the benefit of increasing the visibility of AMSSM and advancement of the field of sports medicine.


  • Develop and maintain relationships with other professional medical groups and major organizations with Sports Medicine sections or Committees.
  • Oversee and coordinate the Liaison Program:
    • The basic goal of the program is to create and foster direct, personal and professional connections between AMSSM and other medical and sport-related organizations for purposes of education, research and advancement of the field of sports medicine.
    • The IIOR Committee Chair will serve as the coordinator of this program, collect information from the various liaisons and organize the information into issues that are of immediate importance to AMSSM (“hot button items”) and those of routine importance.
    • Hot button items should be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee immediately.  All other issues can be discussed at regularly scheduled Board meetings.
    • The Liaison Program should develop and maintain a listing of U.S.-based Sports Medicine organizations to identify potential partnership opportunities with those organizations.  Information would include specific programs and activities in education, timelines for action and key contacts for making it happen.
  • Advance the relationship between the AMSSM and other key organizations into “Strategic Partnerships”.  This would be a more in-depth, hands-on, working relationship than that established in the basic liaison program.
  • Nominate a representative to participate on the Program Committee of future Rendezvous Meetings.
  • Assist in vetting requests for AMSSM involvement in international meetings or major meetings of nationally based groups.
    • Determine if the request is such that the AMSSM should support (i.e. fund) a speaker/participant and if so, should present the request to the Board. 
    • Requests that come through other Committees or persons may be redirected to the IIOR for discussion prior to being brought to the Board.
  • Work closely with the other Committees of AMSSM to assist in the advancement of the Society.


Committee appointments will be a three-year renewable term for active members provided they actively participate in the function and responsibilities of the Committee.  Fellows may be a part of the Committee.  Diversity in Committee membership is strongly encouraged.


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