Fellowship Committee


The Fellowship Committee will be an advocate, advisor and effective supporter of current Fellows, Residents and Fellowship Directors in maximizing the quality of postgraduate education in sports medicine.


  • Maintain an accurate listing of Sports Medicine Fellowship opportunities by updating the listing bi-annually from the Fellowship Director Periodic Survey.
  • Be a communication vehicle responding to questions and concerns from the Fellowship Directors, the Fellows and the Residents.
  • Provide advisory evaluations of Fellowship Programs as requested.
  • Work to maintain high quality ethical and program standards and advise the Fellowship Directors on the standards as requested.
  • Create and update a Fellow Musculoskeletal Ultrasound curriculum equivalent to the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM) standards of certification.
  • Suggest new recommendations for ACGME requirement changes as necessary.
  • Arrange and moderate the Fellowship Forum and Fellows’ Matters Pre-conferences at the AMSSM Annual Meeting.
  • Support diversity opportunities within the Committee and with the projects being undertaken by the Committee.
  • Work with other Committees to enhance communication and effectiveness within the Society.
  • Current Sub-Committees/Project Groups
    • ACGME - Interfaces between AMSSM and the ACGME on issues that affect Fellowship training.
    • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Curriculum - The purpose is to update as needed the musculoskeletal ultrasound curriculum that was published in BJSM in 2010.
    • In-Training Exam - continued development and implementation of the In-Training Exam for Fellows.
    • Ethics - ensuring ethical behaviors for Fellowship application, recruiting and training including the Review Panel (a group of four Fellowship Committee members who are appointed and chaired by the Fellowship Committee Chair to review possible violations to the AMSSM Code of Ethics for the Match.)
    • Professional Development - to explore the need and suggest a plan for Professional Development amongst our Fellowship Directors.
    • Periodic Survey - development and administration of the bi-annual Periodic Survey for Fellowship Directors designed to gather important data from all programs.
    • Fellows’ Matters - planning the Fellows’ section of the Fellowship Forum and providing a resource for current Fellows and Residents.
    • Fellowship Forum – plans the Fellowship Forum section of the Pre-conference for the AMSSM Annual Meeting.


The Fellowship Committee is administered through its Steering Committee that is made up of individuals who are named, by the Chair, as sub-committee chairs to specific sub-committees or project groups.  Each sub-committee is open to all members including Fellows, Residents and Students.  Committee members will serve three-year renewable terms based on performance.  Diversity in Committee membership is strongly encouraged.


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