Sports Ultrasound Committee

The Sports Ultrasound Committee will ensure AMSSM is a leader in sports ultrasound through education, advocacy, communication, strategic inter-organizational relationships, publications and research.


  1. Develop relationships and direct lines of communication between the Sports Ultrasound Committee and other AMSSM Working Committees to facilitate and coordinate AMSSM initiatives related to sports ultrasound.
  2. Create, review, and revise AMSSM online, regional, and national sports ultrasound educational products to teach the core sports ultrasound competencies outlined in the AMSSM Recommended Sports Ultrasound Curriculum for Sports Medicine Fellowships, and more advanced diagnostic and interventional sports ultrasound procedures.
  3. Periodically review, revise and publish the AMSSM Recommended Sports Ultrasound Curriculum for Sports Medicine Fellowships.
  4. Ensure the successful implementation of sports ultrasound education within Sports Medicine Fellowships.
  5. Inform the public, medical professionals, and AMSSM members about the diagnostic and interventional applications of sports ultrasound.
  6. Develop strategic relationships with other organizations for the betterment of sports ultrasound.
  7. Create business plans to assist AMSSM members with the implementation of sports ultrasound in clinical practice.
  8. Advocate for appropriate sports ultrasound legislation to protect and facilitate the interests of AMSSM members.
  9. Collaborate with insurance companies and government agencies to ensure that sports medicine physicians are recognized as competent and appropriate providers of sports ultrasound services.
  10. Advocate for AMSSM members’ interests related to sports ultrasound coding, billing, and reimbursement.
  11. Create sports ultrasound position statements and practice guidelines as an independent organization or in collaboration with other organizations to promote the safe and effective use of sports ultrasound in the clinical setting.
  12. Promote outcomes, cost-analysis, and novel applications research related to diagnostic and interventional sports ultrasound.
  13. Sub-Committees: The Committee will initially start with workgroups related to specific projects. Subcommittees will be formed based upon need.

Composition: Committee appointments will be a 3-year renewable term for active members provided they actively participate in the function and responsibilities of the Committee. Resident and fellow members of AMSSM may be a part of the Committee. There should be representation in the Sports Ultrasound Committee from each of the other Working Committees. Diversity in the Committee membership is strongly encouraged.

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