The Communications Committee will be responsible for AMSSM's communications with its members, the media and the general public. Charges:

Newsletter Subcommittee

Oversee the writing, editing and publication of the quarterly AMSSM newsletter: “The Sideline Report.”

Internet Subcommittee

  • Monitor and assist other Committees and staff in selecting, updating and posting easily accessible, stored content on the website. 
  • At least annually, website content changes and updating will be reviewed in collaboration with other AMSSM Committees.
  • Monitor and report usage statistics of website activity to the Board.
    • A monthly Google Analytics usage report is done by staff, which forwards a copy to the Communications Committee Chair and/or Vice Chair.
    • The Communications Committee Chair and/or Vice Chair will compile these monthly reports and provide a summary usage report for Board meetings or otherwise when requested.
  • Monitor listserv content for appropriateness compliant with listserv policies.
    • Subcommittee Members will serve as primary monitors for listserv content.
    • A new AMSSM Listserv Policy was approved in March 2011. The policy is located in the Policy and Leadership Manual. The policy guides the Internet Subcommittee in its role.
    • Listserv users who violate this policy, the AMSSM Listserv User Etiquette Guidelines or any AMSSM policy applicable to the AMSSM Listserv are subject to disciplinary action, including the termination or suspension of listserv privileges. The following procedures will be followed to identify etiquette infractions and take disciplinary action:
      • Upon receiving notification from moderators or others stating concern over etiquette violations, the Chair of the Internet Subcommittee will contact the member in order to (1) inform him or her about the concerns and (2) ask him or her to conform to the guidelines.
      • 2. If the member continues to violate the guidelines, the Chair and/or Vice Chair of the Communications Committee will notify the offender that he or she has been placed on probation for four weeks, during which time the member’s behavior will be monitored.
      • If, during or after the probationary period, the member continues to violate the guidelines, the Chair and/or Vice Chair of the Communications Committee will report to the President a concern that a member is abusing a member benefit or privilege. The President may choose to review the matter following AMSSM's Guidance for Resolution of Concerns about Member Conduct. Immediate disciplinary action may also be taken. d. Report listserv utilization and summary of content topics at Board meetings or otherwise when requested.
  • The Communications Committee Chair and/or Vice Chair will collect and respond to problems with the website and listserv, as well as coordinate with webmaster and website design vendors.

Social Media Subcommittee

  • Oversee and enhance AMSSM’s social media presence – including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In pages. 
  • Work in conjunction with other Communications subcommittees and other Committees such as Education on social media content - including Facebook Sports Medicine tips.
  • Writing and editing of other online projects including but not limited to Beginner Triathlete website and Self Care Net.

Public Relations Subcommittee

  • Develop long term relationships with media contacts for promotion of AMSSM activities, research, and other accomplishments of the Society or members.
  • Create press releases to highlight newsworthy Annual Meeting research and presentations (and other news throughout the year) and coordinate with AMSSM staff to maximize effectiveness through press release distribution channels.
  • Work with IIOR in developing ongoing communications with:
    • State liaisons for each high school athletic association.
    • Liaisons for each sport specific interest group.
  • Identify collaborative relationships to enhance the communication strategies of the Society.

Composition: Communications Committee appointments will be a 3-year renewable term for active members and Fellows provided they actively participate in the function and responsibilities of the Committee. Diversity in Committee membership is strongly encouraged.

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