Publications Committee


The Publications Committee will provide oversight and interface with AMSSM academic endeavors to include AMSSM position statements, journals, books and review of documents and manuscripts under consideration for official AMSSM endorsement.



  • Function as a liaison to the Journals with which AMSSM has partnerships. As a liaison, the Committee will assist in writing of Society news, monitoring ad submissions, and making recommendations to contract changes. (Present journals include Sports Health, Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, and British Journal of Sports Medicine).
  • Maintain relationship with the International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training - AMSSM members write a column in this journal.
  • Establish relationships with primary specialty Journals and offer to be a resource for sports medicine topics (emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation).


  • Develop, evaluate and oversee the academic publication opportunities for the Society. This may include written as well as electronic publications.
  • Oversee the publication of future editions of the 5 Minute Sports Medicine Consult. This will include both written and online editions. The Committee will select authors and editors, as well as make recommendations to the Board on future contract changes.
  • Assist in the review and editing of any other AMSSM related publications as requested by the Board.
  • Oversee, maintain, and update the AMSSM Publications and Statements page in conjunction with the AMSSM administrative staff and Internet Subcommittee.

Position Statements

  • Direct development of AMSSM Position Statement per AMSSM Policy/Leadership Manual
  • Participate in the selection of writers and act as a liaison for the Team Physician Consensus Statements and any other similar statements as directed by the Board.

Review Documents for Endorsement by the AMSSM

  • Supervises the Process for Document Submission for Endorsement by AMSSM

Process for Submission of Document for Endorsement by the AMSSM

Documents presented for endorsement by the AMSSM may come from the AMSSM membership or from outside the organization. The document must be submitted to the AMSSM office a minimum of six weeks prior to the requested deadline for response. In exceptional situations, expedited review may be requested, which must be granted by the Chair of Publications Committee and the AMSSM Executive Committee. All documents submitted for endorsement must be sponsored by a current AMSSM member. The process for endorsement is as follows:

  1. The document is forwarded to the Publications Chair a minimum of six weeks prior to the requested deadline for decision regarding endorsement. Information required at the time of submission includes the following:
    1. The name of the document
    2. The name of the sponsoring member
    3. The name of the sponsoring organization
    4. Complete listing of the authors and editors
    5. The intended publication means (internet, journal, other media)
    6. The intended audience (lay public, primary care physicians, athletic trainers, etc.)
    7. Will suggested edits or revisions to the document be accepted, or is the AMSSM being asked to endorse as is?
    8. The deadline for response by AMSSM
  2. The Chair of Publications or designated committee member summarizes the request and distributes the document to the AMSSM Board. Board Members are asked to review the document with the following statement in mind:

    “Endorsed by AMSSM” is a statement that may be affixed to an item properly endorsed by the Board and indicates that the endorsed item is considered of high merit and of substantial value to sports medicine specialists, their patients, or other individuals as it relates to the field of sports medicine. This imprimatur does not convey singularity of the item or a sense of exclusivity, but merely that it is an item of high merit and benefit to the specialty of sports medicine.

    Review and recommendation for or against endorsement is requested by the designated deadline or within 6 weeks, whichever comes first.

  3. The Board may on occasion elect to have the document reviewed by members with specific expertise in the subject matter contained in the document. Members who are not on the AMSSM Board of Directors will not be allowed to vote for or against endorsement, but comments will be distributed to members of the AMSSM Board for consideration prior to their vote.
  4. Unsolicited comments from members regarding documents under consideration should be submitted via e-mail to the Chair to be distributed to reviewing members of the AMSSM Board. Unsolicited comments by nonmembers should be sent via e-mail to the Chair of Publications, who will in most cases forward to reviewing members, with the exception of “spam” type responses.
  5. The AMSSM President calls for a formal Board vote for or against endorsement by AMSSM prior to the deadline established at the time of document submission.

The Committees and subcommittees may work independently or in conjunction with other Committees or affiliated organizations to support the mission of the Society.


Publications Committee appointments will be 3-year renewable terms for active members provided they actively participate in the function of the Committee. Diversity in Committee membership is strongly encouraged.

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