Weight Loss In A Collegiate Rower - Page #3

Lab Studies:
Sodium 139 mmol/L, Potassium 2.5 mmol/L, Chloride 95 mmol/L, Glucose 105 mg/dL, BUN 21 mg/dL, Creatinine 0.95 mg/dL, Calcium 9.7 mg/dL, Magnesium 2.0 mg/dL

Other Studies:
EKG: Sinus bradycardia, U-waves noted in precordial leads, QTc 551 ms

KUB: Bowel gas pattern may represent ileus or partial small obstruction.
Upper GI with small bowel follow-through: Decreased transit of contrast in the supine position at the level of the third portion of the duodenum, which resolved on left lateral decubitus positioning is consistent with superior mesenteric artery syndrome.

MRA abdomen: Abnormally decreased superior mesenteric artery angle compatible with superior mesenteric artery syndrome. Associated focal effacement of the duodenum and narrowing of the crossing left renal vein without thrombosis or asymmetric renal enhancement. Case Photo #2

Gastroenterology, psychiatry, nutrition, interventional radiology

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