Unilateral Supraclavicular Mass In A Division I Male Collegiate Cheerleader - Page #3

Lab Studies:
At initial presentation:
Monocyte number was elevated (0.8 K/µL), percent eosinophils were high (10.1%), and basophil percent was slightly low (0.6%). All other values were within normal limits.

Other Studies:
At two weeks post-presentation, the mass was aspirated using ultrasound guidance. Twenty-four hours later a stable mass re-accumulated; at this visit, the athlete reported that the size of the mass appeared to fluctuate with activity. Aspirated fluid was consistent with a hematoma.
Ultrasound: Right retroclavicular and supraclavicular circumscribed fluid collection measuring 7.3 cm x 3.6 cm x 2.2 cm in dimension. Given proximity to the right clavicle’s prior fixation, this may be an unresolved post-operative hematoma or previously infected lymphocele. Collection is near, but not currently involving, the right subclavian vein.

CT results:
Plate from previous open reduction internal fixation was identified on the inferior surface of the right clavicle. Two of the screws were slightly long medially. Case Photo #7 Case Photo #8

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