Transient What? I Thought That Was More Permanent - Page #1

Author: Geoffrey Dreher, DO
Co Author #1: Kevin DuPrey, DO
Co Author #2: David Webner, MD
Co Author #3: Charles D. Hummer III, MD

Patient Presentation:
74-year-old female with atraumatic right hip pain.

74-year-old female with past medical history of asthma, osteoporosis treated with ibandronate and a right inguinal cyst that required aspiration presented with a new onset atraumatic right hip pain for 3 weeks. She described the pain as a dull ache, located in the right anterior hip with intermittent moderate sharp pain that radiated to the groin. Her pain improved with rest and is exacerbated with walking, standing up from sitting and rotation. She denied any associated symptoms such as numbness, weakness or paresthesias. Treatment with acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, and rest only provided mild relief.

Physical Exam:
She had an antalgic gait with normal alignment. There was tenderness to the right groin upon palpation with a positive log roll. She had full passive range of motion of the hip with flexion, internal and external rotation, She had groin pain upon passive internal and external rotation. FABER test was positive for anterior hip pain. Resisted strength was 5/5 and she is neurovascularly intact.

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