Throwing Pains - Page #1

Author: Melissa Tabor, DO
Co Author #1: Jeffrey Bytomski, DO
Co Author #2: Kyle Beatty, ATC

Patient Presentation:
18 year old NCAA Division 1 left handed starting baseball pitcher presents to training room clinic during preseason complaining of a one day history of left elbow pain and swelling. Symptoms started after feeling a "pop" during practice while throwing a curve ball. He was unable to finish practice.

In training room, he is unable to fully extend his elbow. He has been taking Ibuprofen 800mg every 8 hours since initial injury with mild pain relief. He denies previous injury to his shoulder, elbow, or wrist.

Past Medical History: denies
Past Surgical History: denies
Medications: denies herbals, supplements, and prescription medications

Physical Exam:
Vital Signs Stable
General: no acute distress
Musculoskeletal: swelling over the lateral elbow, point tenderness to palpation over the olecranon, observable deformity of forearm with radial deviation, flexion 90 degrees, extension 5 degree contracture. Negative opening with valgus and varus stress. Strength: tricep 5/5, bicep 5/5, pronation 5/5, supination 5/5, wrist flexion and extension 5/5.

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