Throat Laceration In A College Hockey Player - Page #1

Author: Hassaan Saeed, MD
Co Author #1: Jain RK
Co Author #2: Copolo-Ziemer M
Co Author #3: Bala R
Senior Editor: Warren Bodine, DO, FAMSSM
Editor: Reno Ravindran, MD

Patient Presentation:
23-year-old male college hockey player with no reported past medical history who presented to the emergency department via EMS after sustaining a laceration to the anterior neck from another player's skate.

The patient was taken to the bench after sustaining laceration to his throat during play on the ice. He was awake and alert with direct pressure being held by training staff with a towel. He was subsequently moved from the bench to a stretcher and then taken to the back hallway where the wound was examined by the team physician and training staff. There was no report of pulsatile bleeding, initial blood loss was approximately 100 ML. He did not report any difficulty breathing. Pressure was then re-applied with three 5 x 9 dressings and an IV established in the right forearm. He was then transferred to the hospital for further evaluation.

On arrival at the hospital, the patient was awake, alert and conversant. He endorsed pain in his anterior neck but denied any shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or other injuries.

Physical Exam:
HR listed in 80s
Normal saturations
Initial BP 108/85

GCS 15
Airway Intact
Symmetric, clear breath sounds. No respiratory distress
2+ global pulses

Gen: Awake, alert, and conversant
Head/Face: Normocephalic, atraumatic. Midface stable
ENT: Left anterior oblique neck laceration measuring approximately 6 cm in zone II with violation of the platysma. No active bleeding or expanding hematoma, no air leak with breathing or cough. Normal phonation.
Neuro: Intact sensation and strength of upper and lower extremities bilaterally

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