Thigh Pain In A Division 1 Runner - Page #3

Lab Studies:
CBC with diff, BHCG, LFT, UA, TSH, vitamin D3 level, iron level, TIBC, % saturation Fe, B12, folate, and prolactin ordered and all normal.

Phosphate 3.3 mg/dL
Calcium 9.4 mg/dL
Cholesterol 150 mg/mL
Cortisol, total 11.3 mcg/dL
DHEA Sulfate 198 mcg/dL
LH, serum 32.5 mIU.mL (mid cycle 8.7-76.3)
FSH, serum 6.5 mIU/mL (mid cycle 3.1-17.7)
T3, total 89 ng/dL
T4, free 1.0 ng/dL
17-OH progesterone 114 ng/dL
Androstenedione 172 ng/dL
Testosterone, total 30 ng/dL (normal female 2-45)
IGF-I 332 ng/mL (108-548)

Other Studies:
XR Right Femur 2 views (9-25-12)Case Photo #1,Case Photo #2Case Photo #4 Read as negative, but periostitis seen on AP view on proximal 1/3rd femoral shaft, medially.

XR Hip Unilateral 2 view (9-25-12) Negative for fracture, dysplasia, osteophyte. No findings of osteonecrosis or SCIFE. No peri-ostitis on rami.

MR Right Femur (10-3-12) Femoral shaft stress fracture (longitudinal) with some early callous formation proximal third, medially.

DEXA (10-30-12)Case Photo #3 "A Z score above -2.0 is within the expected range for age." WHO criteria cannot be applied to pre-menopausal females.


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