The Karate Kid With Thigh Pain - Page #3

Lab Studies:

Other Studies:
X-ray Left Femur: Case Photo #2 Case Photo #3 no fracture or calcifications

Ultrasound Left Thigh:
0.5cm x 3.5cm cystic structure with a heterogenous appearance and doppler flow deep to the vastus medialis muscle

MRI Left Femur: Case Photo #4 Case Photo #5 Case Photo #6 Case Photo #7
Intraosseous signal abnormality over a 25cm segment of the left femur from the proximal diaphysis to the distal metaphysis at which point there’s a cortical breach medially.
There is extraosseous extension of the lesion measuring 3.6cm x 1.4cm x 5.5cm in size along the periosteum.
CT Scan without contrast is recommended to help further determine the matrix of his lesion as the next diagnostic test.

CT Left Femur: Case Photo #1
Vascular malformation with both intra and extra-osseous components.

MRA Left Femur: Case Photo #8
Intraosseous and extraosseous low flow venous malformation with a large draining vein along the medial cortex.

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