Sometimes My Mind Plays Tricks On Me - Page #1

Author: Namita Bhardwaj, MD
Co Author #1: Michael Chavez, MD
Co Author #2: Bradley Henrie, MD
Co Author #3: John C. Hagedorn, II, MD
Senior Editor: Yaowen Hu, MD, MBA
Editor: Kyle Kutsche, MD

Patient Presentation:
A 27 year-old athletic female with no past medical history presented to the clinic with bilateral lower extremity pain and new onset left lower extremity numbness.

Her pain had presented sporadically but chronically for several years without history of injury, trauma, or surgery. However, her left lower extremity pain had become more noticeable and prominent several weeks prior during her annual snowboarding trip in Colorado. The patient's pain was described as sharp and severe with associated inability to dorsi-flex her left ankle. The pain was mildly improved with rest and heat but returned quickly with resumption of activity. She reported new onset of numbness on the left lateral aspect of her calf extending to her left foot, however, no weakness was endorsed. She reported no radiation of her pain.

Physical Exam:
The patient was in no acute distress at rest. No gait abnormalities were noted at rest. Her left lower extremity exam at rest was without overt deformities, soft tissue damage, or evidence of trauma. Resting neurologic exam was significant for L4 and L5 dermatomal numbness with preserved motor function to the affected extremity. Physical exam of the right lower extremity at rest was benign.

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