Shoulder Bump In A Powerlifter - Page #1

Author: Daniel Brannen, OMS-IV
Co Author #1: Jeffrey Bossenberger, DO
Editor: Jason Blackham, MD
Senior Editor: Kristine Karlson, MD, FAMSSM
Editor: Jason Blackham, MD
Senior Editor: Kristine Karlson MD

Patient Presentation:
A 32-year-old man presented to the family medicine clinic with a tender mass in his upper thoracic region. The patient was powerlifting squatting over 500 pounds the prior evening. He did not notice any abrupt pain or have any acute traumatic events. However when he arrived home from the gym, he noticed a large lump at the top of his back where the bar was located during his squat workout. Case Photo #3 , Case Photo #4

Past Medical History: Patient has never had any injuries to this region before. His only significant medical history is hypothyroidism for which he takes levothyroxine daily. Patient has no allergies. Only surgical history is fixation of an avulsion fracture of his left thumb.

Physical Exam:
Upon physical examination, the lesion was erythematous, tender, warm, and fluctuant. The patient's strength, range of motion, and sensation were intact, and the remainder of the physical examination was benign.

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