Shortness Of Breath In An Athlete - Page #1

Author: Saif Usman, MD, MBBS
Co Author #1: Farhad R Chowdhury, DO ENT & Allergy Associates Edison, NJ

Patient Presentation:
Choking spells during exercise.

16 year old white female soccer player presents for evaluation of a choking sensation associated with 'noisy breathing' and shortness of breath. The symptoms were brought on by exertion and quickly resolved with rest. She had no prior history of syncope, asthma, seasonal allergies or any other medical problems.

Physical Exam:
Gen: AAOx3, well-nourished, well-developed teenager.
CV: RRR, no murmurs.
Resp: CTA bilateral, no wheezes, rales or rhonchi.
MS: 5/5 strength UE/LE, good muscle tone, 2+ DTR
Neuro: CN II-XII intact, sensation intact bilateral, normal gait.

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