Scapula Winging In A Recreational Weightlifter - Page #2

Broad Differential Diagnosis:
Traumatic injury to long thoracic nerve (serratus anterior paralysis), spinal accessory nerve (trapezius), dorsal scapular nerve (rhomboids) or brachial plexus due to:
- blunt trauma
- repetitive weightlifting or landscaping
- prolonged abduction of the arm while sleeping

Non-traumatic neurologic injury including:
- neuralgic amyotrophy/Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (possible autoimmune phenomenon that often follows viral illness)
- mass lesion
- allergic-drug reaction
- toxic exposure (e.g. herbicides, tetanus)
- C7 radiculopathy

- Fascioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
- Shoulder instability

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