Right Arm Pain And Numbness In A Collegiate Softball Pitcher - Page #3

Lab Studies:

Other Studies:
Plain Film:
1. Right forearm (AP & Lateral): No abnormality.
2. Cervical Spine (AP, Lateral, B/L Oblique, & Open Mouth): No abnormality.
3. Right Shoulder (True AP, AP in the scapular plane & Axillary): No abnormality.

MRI Right Forearm:
1. No abnormality.

MSK U/S in PCSM Clinic
1. MSK U/S Color Flow of the distal radial artery with the arm in the anatomic position demonstrates blood flow. Right arm abduction to 120 degrees causes loss of radial pulse wave on color flow and reproduces patient’s symptoms of numbness and pain.

Ultrasound in Vascular Surgery Clinic
1. Flat line waveform of the right radial artery with hyperabduction-180 degree maneuver.
2. Normal tri-phasic Doppler flow signals within the right sub-clavian, axillary, brachial, radial, and ulnar arteries without significant stenosis.
3. Upper extremity deep venous system evaluation negative for deep venous thrombosis.

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