Rhabdomyolysis, Not So Fast My Friend! - Page #3

Lab Studies:
Urinalysis: tea colored and clear, specific gravity 1.020, pH 5.5, protein 1+, bilirubin 1+, blood-negative, few granular casts, otherwise normal.
Basic Metabolic Profile- normal
Liver Function tests- Total Bilirubin 1.0, Alkaline phosphatase 444, AST 215, ALT 288
CBC with differential- WBC 15.4, 34% atypical lymphocytes (49 total), otherwise normal
Monospot- positive
Epstein Barr Virus IgG-0.29 (normal), Epstein Barr Virus IgM-4.40 (high)

Other Studies:
Abdominal ultrasound: 17cm spleen (normal length- 6-12cm), no hepatomegaly, renal or other abnormalities noted.


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