Recurrent Stingers In A Collegiate Freshman Football Player - Page #1

Author: Kimbre Zahn, MD
Co Author #1: Greg Rowdon, MD

Patient Presentation:
19 year old male presenting for PPE

A 19 year-old male freshman football player presented for a routine pre-participation physical evaluation at an NCAA Division I university. He had previously played football as a defensive back at a large local high school. He reported a history of 2-3 stingers per season involving both his right and left upper extremities, but never both arms simultaneously. Symptoms were transient and did not result in any loss in playing time. No prior workup had been completed. The athlete's medical history was significant for a single concussion sustained two years prior, otherwise unremarkable.

Physical Exam:
Cervical spine showed normal lordosis. Non-tender to palpation over the spinous processes and paraspinous muscles. Full, painless range of motion of the neck. Upper extremity strength testing was 5/5 and symmetric bilaterally. Sensation was intact throughout. Biceps, triceps, and brachioradialis reflexes were 2+. Spurling's test was negative bilaterally.

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