Pop Goes The Knee - Page #1

Author: Brett Bentley, MD
Co Author #1: Siraj Abdullah, MD
Editor: Michael Henehan, DO

Patient Presentation:
A 23 year-old Division 1 lineman was tackling an opposing tailback when he was struck at the lateral aspect of his right knee by the helmet of another player. The athlete heard a loud “pop” at impact, and remained down on the field of play. The athlete was evaluated by his training staff, and ultimately assisted off the field, unable to bear weight on the injured leg. There was an immediate effusion.
Of note, the patient had no preceding knee injury or surgeries. However, he had recently been evaluated by his athletic trainer for patellar tendonitis during the off-season.

No other significant history.

Physical Exam:
LEFT knee
Range of Motion: intact (Extension 0 degrees, Flexion 135 degrees)
Strength: 5/5 with flexion and extension

RIGHT knee
Range of Motion: exam limited secondary to pain
Right knee strength: 2/5 with knee extension
1+ Effusion
Medial and lateral joint lines of right knee – non-tender
Tibial tubercle, pes insertion, patella –
Patella Medial and Lateral Facets – non-tender
Quadriceps tendon – non-tender
Patellar tendon - palpable defect at the inferior pole of the patella
Lachman and Anterior Drawer tests – negative
Posterior Drawer test – negative
Varus/Valgus Stress tests – negative
Straight Leg Raise – unable to perform

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