Persistent Elbow Pain In A Softball Pitcher - Page #1

Author: Michael Tavernaris, MD, MS
Co Author #1: Michael M. Linder, MD
Co Author #2: Karla Beasley, ATC

Patient Presentation:
Patient is a 18 year old female softball player who presents with right elbow pain. No specific injury reported.

Pain is described as sharp and is especially intense during and after practice. Her symptoms began approximately 1 year ago and were associated with pitching during softball. She is right handed and reports no clicks, pops, or other mechanical symptoms.

Physical Exam:
General: Well developed, no acute distress, A&Ox3
CVS: +S1S2, no murmurs/rubs/gallops
Respiratory: CTA B/L, equal expansion, no wheezing
Abdomen: SNT/ND +BS x4
Extremities: No edema appreciated, 2+ pulses B/L
Neuro: CNs 2-12 grossly intact bilaterally, normal gait
MSK: FROM x 4 limbs
Right Elbow: TTP over ulnar coronoid process
Mild pain with resisted full flexion
(-) Valgus/Varus Stress Testing
(-) lateral pivot shift; (-) posterolateral or other instability

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