Persistent Elbow Pain In A Softball Pitcher - Page #3

Lab Studies:

Other Studies:
AP and Lateral of Elbow XRay
No acute fracture or dislocation. No elbow joint effusion. The radius aligns with the capitellum on all views. No lytic/blastic lesions.
MRI of Elbow without contrast
Normal morphology of distal humerus, radius, and ulna. Increased signal intensity of ulnar coronoid process involving approximately 50% of the coronoid which may represent a fracture. No evidence of other acute fracture or dislocation. Soft tissues are unremarkable. The bone marrow signal intensity is unremarkable. The elbow joint is intact with no intra-articular bodies. The biceps tendon and brachialis tendon are intact.
The biceps tendon attachment on the radial tuberosity is normal. The triceps tendon is intact. There is no evidence of tendon tear or tenosynovitis. There is no fatty atrophy of the visualized muscles. There is no muscle edema. The medial ulnar collateral ligament is intact. The radial collateral ligament is intact. The lateral ulnar collateral ligament is intact. The annular ligament is intact. The visualized portions of the ulnar nerve, median nerve, and radial nerve are unremarkable throughout their visualized courses. The cubital tunnel is normal. The soft tissues and remainder of the unenhanced neurovascular structures are unremarkable.


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