Not Neerly That Funny: An Unfortunate Injury In A Young Gymnast - Page #1

Author: Will Paulson, MD
Co Author #1: Dave Olson, MD CAQ
Co Author #2: Chris Ashton, MS, ATC, ITAT

Patient Presentation:
The patient is a right-hand dominant 11-year-old otherwise healthy female gymnast and dancer. While at gymnastics practice, the patient attempted to do a back handspring. As her hand impacted the mat, she felt a pop and pain in her right shoulder. Immediately following the incident, she was able to move her arm at her shoulder, although this did elicit pain. There was no significant swelling or bruising. She presented to clinic one hour after the injury.

There is no previous history of injury to her right shoulder or arm.

Physical Exam:
Afebrile. Normal vital signs.

General: Tearful but appropriately answers questions.

Neurovascularly intact.

Inspection: No edema or ecchymosis of the right shoulder or arm.

Palpation: Diffuse tenderness to palpation, most exquisite over the proximal third of the humerus.

Range of motion: Limited throughout secondary to pain.

Strength: 5/5 throughout the shoulder but testing induces pain.

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