Not All Who Cry Dizzy Are Concussed: Dizziness In An Adolescent Collision Athlete - Page #3

Lab Studies:
- CBC: WBC 4.2, Hgb 15.3, Hct 45, Platelets 194
- Chemistry: Na 140, K 4.3, Cl 101, CO2 28, BUN 15, Cr 0.67, Glu 109, Ca 9.7
- Thyroid Function: TSH 4.13, Free T4 1.09
- Urinalysis: yellow, clear, pH 6, Specific gravity 1.017, negative protein, negative glucose, negative ketones, negative occult blood, negative nitrites, negative leukocyte esterase

Other Studies:
- CT head: Multi-locular cystic mass in the right temporal base with several dystrophic calcifications within the mass.Case Photo #1 The mass effaces the right temporal horn and deviates the structure medially. Lateral ventricles are otherwise normal in size.

- MRI brain with and without contrast: Mixed cystic and solid mass in the right inferomedial temporal lobe measuring 3.1 X 3.4 X 4.7 cm. The lesion is primarily cystic but there are nodular areas of enhancement along the posterior and inferior margin. The tumor extends into the parahippocampal gyrus and superiorly displaces the hippocampus and choroid fissure. The amygdala is displaced anteriorly and the mass extends posteriorly to the posterior fornix. Imaging is most characteristic for a glioma.Case Photo #2,Case Photo #3,Case Photo #4

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