Leg Swelling And Pain After A Football Game - Page #1

Author: Timothy Yu, MD
Co Author #1: Keith W. Lawhorn MD
Co Author #2: Garry W. K. Ho MD
Co Author #3: Paul Rupp MS, ATC

Patient Presentation:
A 17 year old high school football player presented to the Athletic Training room after a football game for right lateral leg swelling and achiness. He denied any obvious trauma or contact injury but reported an episode of inversion stress across his ankle during the second quarter of the game, and was able to play through it. He denied tingling and numbness but complained of tightness.

He denied any significant personal or family medical history including bleeding disorders and diabetes.

Physical Exam:
Patient was seated comfortably on gurney, often using his cell phone to text. Right lateral leg notable for significant firm, soft tissue swelling extending from below the lateral knee to above the lateral malleolus. No ecchymosis, abrasions, or erythema noted. Minimal focal tenderness to palpation from proximal lateral leg to the lateral malleolus. Full active and passive ankle range of motion with minimal pain. Pain worse with resisted eversion. Palpable 2+ dorsalis pedis and posterior tibial pulses bilaterally. Sensation intact throughout lower extremity to light touch.

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