Leg Pain, More Than Just A Strain - Page #3

Lab Studies:
Normal: CMP, Lipid panel
Negative B-HCG
CBC: WBC 9.8, Hgb 11.7, Hct 35.2, Plt 212, normal differential
Protein S Activity 52
Protein S Antigen 133
Free Protein S Antigen 60
Antithrombin III 92
Prothrombin Mutation negative
Factor V Leiden negative

Other Studies:
X-ray: evidence of cam type impingement and flattening of superior acetabulum.
Doppler u/s LLE: thrombus in left common femoral vein and greater saphenous vein with occlusion
Left LE venogram: occlusive thrombus from origin of left common iliac vein through popliteal vein and short segment of stenosis involving left common iliac vein Photo 1, Photo 2

Interventional Radiology

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