Leg Injury, College Football - Page #4

Working Diagnosis:
Quadriceps Compartment Syndrome, acute, traumatic
Anemia, acute, secondary to bleed from quadriceps contusion

Fasciotomy; successful compartment decompression, wound vacuum, elevation and immobilization for several days, overall uncomplicated hospital course. Follow up CBC with observation of improving trend.Case Photo #1, Case Photo #2
Case Photo #3

Gradual rehabilitation, by four weeks post-op, patient with full knee flexion, able to perform single leg knee bends, beginning to start jogging and stationary bicycle. Jogging and running without complication, never returned to football that season. Plans to play football following year. Comfortable in the gym, running, jumping, will start summer training as scheduled.Case Photo #5

Author's Comments:
Traumatic quadriceps compartment syndrome has been demonstrated by cases in literature, however, it is rare, as compared with anterior tibial compartment syndrome. One reason for this is likely due to the larger size of the anterior compartment of the thigh as compared to the pre-tibial region. It is important to consider this diagnosis whenever there is a case of pain out of proportion with the exam, vascular or neurologic deficits, or in the setting of weakness without obvious cause.

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