Left Medial Knee Pain - Page #4

The patient opted for surgery due to severity of symptoms. Arthroscopy findings: The under-surface of the patella demonstrated a small scuff of cartilage on the inferior lateral facet. The medial compartment demonstrated a complete discoid meniscus. The medial joint space was very wide. The lateral compartment demonstrated a partial thickness chondral lesion of the lateral tibial plateau and a more extensive partial thickness chondral lesion of the lateral femoral condyle. The lateral meniscus was intact. A chondroplasty was then performed on the lateral femoral condyle, removing loose and unstable flaps of articular cartilage. The discoid tissue was resected until a C-shape was restored. A degenerative portion of tissue within the middle of the substance of the meniscus was visualized, corresponding to the hyper-intense signal band seen on the MRI. An extensive partial medial meniscectomy of the inferior portion of the meniscus was then undertaken. Final arthroscopic images demonstrated a normal appearing medial compartment.
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