Learning The Abcs, With Breathtaking Results - Page #1

Author: Nader Sobh, DO
Co Author #1: Dr. Jay Jazayeri
Co Author #2: Dr. Jennifer Zweig
Co Author #3: Dr. John Adams

Patient Presentation:
A 22-year-old male presented with right hip pain after standing up from a chair and feeling a crack. He reported having right hip pain starting approximately one year ago which worsened about four weeks ago after falling from his BMX bike while traveling 20 miles per hour. His only complaint at presentation was right hip pain. He denied numbness, tingling, and weakness. He denied chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches.

Allergies: none
Medical: gunshot wound to left foot "years ago"
Surgical: none
Family: mother has diabetes
Social history: tobacco history of five years

Physical Exam:
The patient was alert and oriented, in mild distress due to pain. Muscle strength was 5/5 and sensation was intact to light touch C5-T1 and L3-S1 bilaterally. Muscle strength could not be tested in L3 and L4 on the right due to pain. Babinski's signs negative bilaterally. Pulses were 2+ at the radial and dorsalis pedis bilaterally. Capillary refill was less than two seconds in the upper and lower extremities bilaterally.

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