Knee Pain In A College Soccer Athlete. - Page #1

Author: Christopher Feathers, MD
Co Author #1: Matthew McElroy, DO

Patient Presentation:
Patient is a 19 year old male soccer player who presented to the training room for complaint of anterior knee pain.

The athlete complained of mild anterior knee pain that has progressed over the past month bnut had not limited his practice or playing time. He has been working with the athletic trainer doing quadriceps strengthening and hamstring stretching exercises. One day prior to presentation he was playing in a game and landed hard on his heel and felt a mild "Tweak within my knee". He denies any contact or twisting injury, but states came down a little hard and had a very strong quadriceps contraction. He continued playing for about another ten minutes and then he just could not continue secondary to pain. He had some mild swelling in the knee, but was able to walk. Otherwise past medical, social, and family history was negative

Physical Exam:
Caucasion, healthy appearing and athleticcally built male. He was tender over the inferior pole of the patella and has a small amount of swelling focally in this region. He maintained an extended knee against gravity without an extension lag, but resisted knee extension was difficult with 3/5 strength. Patient passive range of motion was 0 to about 120 degrees of flexion, with pain starting at 90 degrees of flexion. He had trace knee effusion and stable patellofemoral joint to distraction stresses. He has a negative Lachman, anterior and posterior drawer, McMurry, and no instability with varus and valgus stress at 0 or 30 degrees of flexion.

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