Knee Pain After A Slide Tackle In Football - Page #1

Author: Nailah Coleman, MD
Editor: Suraj Achar, MD

Patient Presentation:
CL was a 16 year old referred for 4 months of left posterolateral knee pain, after he was hit on the left lower leg in a slide tackle and felt a pop.

At presentation, his sharp pain had improved and was then associated with walking, running, bending, and participating in soccer. He denied sedentary pain, sleep disturbance, or sensation changes. He noted swelling with activity and occasional painful popping. Rest was helpful. Direct pressure did not cause pain.
On follow-up visits, he also noted significant instability with running and cutting particularly, causing difficulty with participating in sports.

His review of systems, past medical history, and past surgical history were significant for acne, his wearing glasses, and eye surgery.

He took no medicines. He had no known allergies.

Physical Exam:
His physical exam was significant for his being a WDWN young man in NAD. Exam of his hips and knees was significant for symmetric appearance with intact skin and no deformities noted. He had a normal gait and was able to heel, toe, and duck walk without difficulty or pain. He was non-tender to palpation; no deformities were palpated. He had full range of motion of his knees and hips. Strength, sensation, and neurovascular exam was within normal limits. Special testing of the knees and hips was significant for increased translation with anterior drawer testing of the left knee.

On follow-up visits, he developed difficulty with squatting, a positive Lachman's, joint line tenderness, and cracking with McMurray testing.

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