Kicker With A Shoulder Problem - Page #1

Author: Ben Ahrens, DO
Co Author #1: Monique Brady, MD - OhioHealth Max Sports Medicine

Patient Presentation:
Right shoulder pain

An 18-yo male high school football kicker and avid weight-lifter presented with one month of right shoulder aching that was exacerbated by overhead activities. He reported intermittent tightness, numbness, and tingling, but otherwise had no complaints at rest. He denied weakness and had no history of injury or injection in this region.

The patient had no relevant medical history and denies taking any medications. There was history of post-operative blood clotting in his grandfather, but he denies other significant family history. The patient denied alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

Physical Exam:
His vital signs were normal. His distal pulses were equal and regular. His cardiac, pulmonary, and neurologic exams were unremarkable. There was no pitting edema or skin color change on inspection of the right shoulder, but prominent vasculature was noted over the right shoulder region. His upper arm circumference was 33 cm on the right and 31cm on the left. There was no tenderness to palpation of the shoulder. His strength and range of motion were normal. Special tests of the shoulder were negative for signs of instability, impingement, rotator cuff, biceps tendon, and glenoid labrum pathology. Roo's Test was also negative.

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