Just Keep Swimming: The Case Of Chronic Calf Pain In A Collegiate Swimmer - Page #1

Author: Erika Jasso, BA
Co Author #1: Chris Trinh, D.O.
Co Author #2: Larry Balle II, M.D., MPH
Editor: Marissa Vasquez Machuca, MD, MBA
Senior Editor: Marc Hilgers, MD, PhD, FAMSSM
Editor: Marissa Vasquez Machuca, MD, MBA
Senior Editor: Marc P. Hilgers, MD, PHD

Patient Presentation:
Ms. X is an 18yo female swimmer with a history of bilateral compartment syndrome, status post bilateral 4-compartment release surgery in 2017, presenting with bilateral calf pain.

Before surgery she was having bilateral calf pain during repetitive swimming activity. After compartment pressure testing and a subsequent fasciotomy, the symptoms improved. In 2018, the patient began swimming in college and reported similar symptoms under her new training regimen. Ms. X presented to Sports Medicine in September 2018 with bilateral shin pain, cold sensation in her feet, and toe numbness to the 1st-3rd toes with progression to all toes with sustained activity. Ms. X indicated that the symptoms felt very similar to her original presentation in 2017, prior to the fasciotomy.

Physical Exam:
On exam, the compartments of the shins were soft. Well-healed incisions were noted from prior compartment release surgeries. Shins were tender to palpation over the incisions and all four compartments bilaterally. Lower extremities were neurovascularly intact. External and internal rotation strength of the feet was 5/5 bilaterally. Patient failed to complete 20 toe raises. Bilateral knees and ankles were unremarkable.

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