Just Another Patient With Chronic Back Pain - Page #3

Lab Studies:
CBC w/ diff: Normal
CMP: Normal
LDH: Normal

Other Studies:
MRI T-spine: Case Photo #1
Abnormal infiltrative marrow process involving T11-T12 with adjacent soft tissue concerning for primary bone malignancy.

CT chest/abdomen/pelvis: Case Photo #2 , Case Photo #3 , Case Photo #4
Supraclavicular, mediastinal, and left retrocrural lymphadenopathy highly concerning for malignancy. Diffuse sclerosis of T11 vertebral body. Paraspinal soft tissue components with associated vertebral body erosion/lytic components. Extension into the bilateral neural foramina at T11-T12 and right neural foramina at T10-T11.

Hypermetabolic adenopathy extending from the bilateral supraclavicular and level 4 cervical lymph node stations inferiorly to the retrocrural region with associated tumoral infiltration of the T11-T12 vertebral columns and posterior elements with resultant sclerosis.

Supraclavicular lymph node biopsy: Case Photo #5
Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin Lymphoma


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