Hip Pain In 17 Year Old Football Player - Page #1

Author: Shawn Saylor, DO
Co Author #1: Paul Marr, MD
Co Author #2: R. Scott Cook, DO

Patient Presentation:
17 year old Football Player with sudden onset of right hip pain

A healthy 17 year old male football player presented to the office with a complaint of severe right hip pain. He was sitting in class at school when he began having posterolateral hip pain. By the end of the day he was unable to sit, stand, or walk without severe pain. He played his last football game the previous week but could not recall any injuries. There was no history of prior medical problems, previous surgery, infections, or known trauma.

Physical Exam:
5'11" male in obvious discomfort with an antalgic gait. The skin over the right buttock demonstrated no obvious edema, ecchymosis, cysts or evidence of infection. There was severe pain with palpation over the right gluteus medius and sacroiliac joint, and with deep palpation to the piriformis and posterior acetabulum. Pain was reproduced laterally with internal and external rotation of the hip; however, this did not produce groin pain or anterior thigh pain. No clicks or pops were noted. Severe spasm was present within the piriformis and gluteus muscles.

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