Exertional Abdominal Pain In A Crew Athlete - Page #1

Author: Vanessa Lalley-DeMong, DO
Co Author #1: Andrew Kusienski DO
Co Author #2: Andrew Kusienski DO
Co Author #3: Andrew Kusienski DO

Patient Presentation:
19 year-old female presented with intermittent lower abdominal pain that occurred after racing the previous weekend. She raced 6 times over the weekend and had sharp/burning lower abdominal pain that lasted for 20 minutes after each race, then spontaneously improved. She tried naproxen and ice, and was unsure if these helped. She had one episode of abdominal pain 1 year ago, but none since then. The pain was not reproduced with practice or daily activities. There was no change in bowel/bladder habits, and she had no urinary symptoms.

Negative. Denies ever being sexually active.

Physical Exam:
Stable vital signs
General: No acute distress
Cardiac: Regular S1/S2, without murmurs
Respiratory: Clear
Abdomen: Soft, non-tender, and non-distended, with no bruits, no masses or hernias. (-)McBurney's (-)Murphy's
Musculoskeletal: Bilateral psoas tenderness to palpation

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