Elbow Pain Without An Injury In A 13 Year Old Female Gymnast - Page #3

Other Studies:
A plain film of her right elbow was negative, without evidence of osteochondral abnormality. A follow-up ultrasound suggested that her popping corresponded to an abrupt protrusion of what was likely thickened synovium at the posteromedial aspect of the elbow. The tissue also seemed to compress the ulnar nerve during extension. An MRI without contrast was obtained and showed no osteochondral lesion or loose body. There was a small region of presumed synovial thickening at the posteromedial elbow, presumably accounting for the findings described on recent US. There was also a small accessory muscle overlying the cubital tunnel consistent with anconeus epitrochlearis.

The patient was referred to Physical Therapy for scapular stabilization.
She was also referred to Orthopedics for surgical intervention.

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