Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture

Author: Kyle Samyn, DO, MS
Affiliation: Ascension Providence Sports Medicine Fellowship
Co Author(s): Nicholas Moore, MD Navin Abro, DO
Senior Editor: Raul Rosario-Concepcion, MD

Clinical Vignette: An ambidextrous 60 year-old male presents with distal forearm pain and bruising following an injury as he was getting pulled up by a boat to water ski. The patient felt a popping sensation and immediately experienced pain following the injury. He complains of weakness with forearm flexion and supination at the time of examination.

Type of Probe Used: 15-6 MHz linear array probe

Long axis view of the distal attachment site of the biceps tendon (radial tuberosity).

Longitudinal view of the distal biceps tendon with associated hematoma

Long axis view of the affected distal biceps tendon.

Absence of distal biceps tendon at radial tuberosity, longitudinal view

Short axis view of the distal biceps tendon.

Retracted biceps tendon bundle surrounded by soft tissue changes

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