Cerebral Palsy In A High Functioning College Athlete - Page #1

Author: Steve Stache, MD
Co Author #1: Christopher J. Mehallo, D.O. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Rothman Institute Orthopaedics, Philadelphia, PA

Patient Presentation:
C.O. is a 18 year old patient with a past medical history of cerebral palsy.

She presented for a pre-participation physical exam prior to becoming a member of the lacrosse and cross-country teams at an NCAA division III institution.

As a child, C.O. underwent femoral derotational osteotomies and soft tissue lengthening procedures to help correct gait abnormalities.

Later as a teenager she underwent additional surgical procedures of gastrocsoleus recession and medial hamstring release in her left leg to help correct a left foot inversion that was noted on gait analysis, done secondary to pain complaints.

During her pre-participation evaluation the patient reported since her second set of surgeries she had no pain with running and was able to fully participate on her high school lacrosse and track teams.

Physical Exam:
The patient was noted to have a normal heel-toe gait pattern.

She had full passive and active range of motion of all joints in both lower extremities.

Surgical scars from the gastrocsoleus recession and medial hamstring release were present on the anterior tibia bilaterally.

Gastrocnemius muscles appeared slightly hypertrophied bilaterally with normal strength.

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