Brodies Abcess A Case Of 13 Yeard Old Male With Knee Pain - Page #1

Author: Moneef Hauter, MD

Patient Presentation:
This patient is a thirteen-year-old male who presented to the clinic with a left leg pain that began three weeks prior

Left leg pain of three weeks duration. Pain was of mild intensity, 5/10 in severity and aggravated by walking. The patient had two prior episodes that resulted in office visits to other providers. His symptoms were relieved with NSAIDs. There were no other associated symptoms. However, patient suffered from severe eczema that prompted the treatment with cyclosporine, two months prior to onset of leg pain.

Physical Exam:
Well developed, well nourished, and in no apparent distress. Neck supple. Normal breath sounds bilateral. Normal heart rate and rhythm without murmurs. Normal bowel sounds, and normal gait. Hip exam: No deformities noted. No tenderness to palpation. Pain with passive left hip external rotation, otherwise normal. Normal knee range of motion. Normal ankle range of motion. Knee exam: no knee deformity noted. Subluxation of patella, and crepitus was noted in the knee joint, tenderness noted over the lateral joint line. Neurovascular exam was intact.

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