Between A Rock And A Hard Place: The Dangers Of Indoor Bouldering - Page #1

Author: Ashika Sharma, MD
Co Author #1: Ashika P. Sharma, M.D.
Co Author #2: Evan S. Bass, M.D.
Senior Editor: Margaret Gibson, MD, FAMSSM
Editor: Warren Bodine, DO, FAMSSM

Patient Presentation:
A 24-year old healthy female presented to the ED with right elbow pain after a fall of 10-11 feet from an indoor bouldering wall. When she fell, she landed on an outstretched hand onto a padded floor with immediate severe pain in her right elbow.

She is an experienced climber and has been bouldering for 4 years. She has no significant past medical history or prior elbow injury.

Physical Exam:
Vitals normal, patient has 8/10 right elbow pain. Exam significant for right elbow joint ecchymosis, swelling and deformity. Tenderness over the radial head, medial epicondyle, lateral epicondyle and olecranon. Elbow range of motion was severely limited. She had normal sensation in the radial and medial nerve distributions but decreased sensation of the fifth digit. Cap refill was 2 seconds, and radial pulse was strong.

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