Batter Up: Lr-prp For A Baseball Player With Ehlers-danlos Syndrome - A Case Report - Page #1

Author: Bo. Song, MD
Co Author #1: Prathap Jayaram, MD
Senior Editor: Warren Bodine, DO, FAMSSM
Editor: Reno Ravindran, MD

Patient Presentation:
A 15-year-old pitcher with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome presented with shoulder pain 10 days after throwing a fastball

A 15-year-old left-handed male pitcher with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome presented with shoulder pain 10 days after throwing a fastball and feeling a sudden pop. He reported immediate pain which subsided with rest over a few days. After attempting to return to pitching, he reported a decrease in velocity from his average fastball speed of 80 mph with pain after the incident. He denied any direct trauma to the region or any other provoking events. He plays baseball 9 months out of the year and golfs in the offseason.

Physical Exam:
On examination, the patient demonstrated 180 degrees of shoulder abduction, 70 degrees of external rotation, and 75 degrees of internal rotation. There was a positive sulcus sign and cross body adduction sign on the left. He had a negative Neer's, Hawkins, O'Brien's, Speed's, empty can, drop arm, painful arc, and lift off test. There was no erythema, obvious deformities, or open wounds to the area. Strength was 5 out of 5, and sensation was fully intact to light touch.

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